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The new model of Jiyue has been exposed! Will be listed next year.

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Recently, a group of pictures about the second pure electric sedan car model of Ji Yue have been exposed on the Internet. It is understood that the new car, code-named "Venus" (Venus), is positioned as a pure electric sedan and will be put on the market next year. It is worth noting that the appearance of the new car is similar to that of the Jidu ROBO-02 unveiled at the Guangzhou Auto Show last year.

With regard to the name of the new model, many netizens on the market speculate that the new model or the name is "Ji Yue 02". On the question of the name of the second model, CEO also responded to netizens on Weibo today: the new model is not necessarily named "Jiyue 02", but it is definitely the most beautiful smart car of this era. It revealed that the design of the new car began at the end of 2021, when the internal code name was Venus, which unveiled the overproduction concept car at the 22 Guangzhou Auto Show.

Appearance: the new car continues to use the family design style, with a closed trapezoidal grille on the front face. Equipped with through-type lamp posts, combined with the car logo, the recognition of the vehicle is greatly improved after lighting. Triangular headlights are arranged on both sides to highlight the sports flavor of the vehicle. The rear part of the car is equipped with a small electric tail, which enhances the scientific and technological sense of the vehicle. Rear bumper position, the use of black decoration, so that the hierarchical sense of the vehicle.

In terms of body, the car is designed and modeled with a large slip-back sedan, and the whole car is equipped with smooth lines. In addition, the new car is also equipped with hidden door handle design and electric door mute suction door to enhance the overall beauty of the vehicle. In terms of interior decoration, the new car takes a concise design style, continues the design of the double screen, and provides a half-amplitude steering wheel.

In terms of power, it has not been officially announced, you can refer to the power data of Jiyue 01. Ji Yue 01 has two models: single-motor two-drive version and dual-motor four-wheel drive version. Among them, the maximum power of single motor is 200kW, and the maximum torque is 342nm 550km. The maximum power of the dual motor is 400kW, the maximum torque is 686N ·m, and the maximum range of CLTC is 720km.

Relevant data show that the "Ji Yue" brand is a new brand launched in August by Geely in cooperation with Baidu. Its first model is "Ji Yue 01", which went on sale on October 27 this year. In fact, Ji Yue Automobile can be seen as a renamed Jidu car. Geely and Baidu have already partnered with each other to set up the Jidu brand in 2021 and launched the first limited version of the car robot ROBO-01 lunar exploration model the following year, priced at 399800 yuan. Later, due to the problem of production qualification, the model could not be sold. In the second half of 2022, Jidu Automobile carried out a series of industrial and commercial changes. In August this year, the two sides jointly upgraded to set up Ji and Yue Automotive Technology Company, with a registered capital of 10 million, Geely holding 65% and Baidu holding 35%.

In fact, the arrival of the second model of Jiyue is not surprising. Earlier, "Jiyue" brand CEO Xia Yiping revealed that the second product of Jiyue is also in rapid progress, and in the next five years, Jiyue will release a new car at the rate of each year. However, less than two months after the launch of the first model, a new model will be launched immediately, and the speed of the layout is still a little fast. but this may have something to do with the fierce competition in the new energy market and the market performance of the first Ji Yue 01 model. Relevant data show that: Ji Yue 01 listed four weeks, that is, October 30 to November 26, the total sales of only 421 vehicles.

In the case of poor sales, the authorities also had to start a price reduction model at the end of last month, with a reduction of 30,000 yuan across the department. On November 30th, Ji Yue announced that the price of the first model, Ji Yue 01, was reduced. After the adjustment, the price of Ji Yue 01 Max dropped from 249900 yuan to 219900 yuan, and the price of Ji Yue 01 Max Performance dropped from 339900 yuan to 309900 yuan.

At present, it is not known whether the price reduction can bring sales growth to Ji Yue 01, but according to the current car market situation, the sales volume that may be brought is also very limited. After all, since November, a new round of price competition has begun, and the competition in the car market has become more and more fierce. In a variety of backgrounds, speeding up the layout of new models is indeed a feasible way, but it remains to be seen whether the new models can be favored by the market.

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