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Ideal L7 has a serious traffic accident! Official response

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Today, the ideal car explained a traffic accident in Qingyuan, Guangdong Province. Officials said: At about 21:44 on the night of December 21,2023, an ideal L7 had a serious traffic accident in Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province, and felt very sad and sorry for the casualties caused by the accident.

At the same time, it is pointed out that when the vehicle collides with the accident, the vehicle triggers the on-board emergency alarm call system, and after many calls to the user without feedback, the staff rush to the scene for support as soon as possible. Combined with the preliminary analysis of vehicle background data, the vehicle did not turn on the auxiliary driving function during driving. Three seconds before collision, the vehicle speed reached 178km/h. The driver took braking measures, finally rear-ended the truck in front at the speed of 96km/h, drilled under the truck and rushed out of the road. At present, relevant departments have blocked the scene of the accident for investigation and handling. We will cooperate with the police request to provide all necessary data in order to restore the full picture of the accident as soon as possible, and will also provide the necessary support to the owner's family.

The ideal L7 of this rear-end truck can be seen from the live video exposed by the network. The roof position of the vehicle is all lifted and the seats are all exposed. In addition, the vehicle crashed down parts scattered on the ground, the vehicle A pillar and B pillar are also all broken, the scene is very tragic.

In response to the accident, netizens also expressed their views. Some netizens said: ten million roads, safety first, speed up to 178km/h is not appropriate. Holidays are coming, safe driving is not only the initiative of life in their own hands, but also responsible for the safety of others.

Relevant data show that the ideal L7 was launched on February 8 this year. The new car is positioned as a medium and large SUV. A total of 3 configuration models have been launched, with a price range of 319,800 - 379,800 yuan. The Ideal L7 is the first five-seater SUV from Ideal Cars. Appearance: Similar to L8, the front face adopts closed middle net design, LED split headlights are equipped on both sides, and the rear part of the vehicle adopts through-type tail lamp group. In terms of power, the new car is equipped with extended range hybrid system, composed of 1.5T range extender and front and rear dual-motor intelligent four-wheel drive system, equipped with 42.8kWh battery pack, comprehensive range under CLTC condition is 1315km, pure electric range is 210km, and 100km acceleration takes only 5.5s.

At present, the ideal car models for sale are L8, L9 and L7. The ideal L9 was launched in June 2022 at a price of 459,800 yuan, while the ideal ONE replacement model, the ideal L8, was launched on September 30 last year. Two new models were launched with a price range of 359,800 yuan-399,800 yuan. It is worth noting that sales of ideal cars have continued to rise this year. For reference, the ideal L7 sales volume in November was 16599 units, an increase of 6.9% month-on-month. The total sales volume of ideal vehicles in November was 41030 units, an increase of 172.9% year-on-year. 1-11 The monthly ideal car cumulative sales volume is 325677 units, taking the lead in achieving the annual sales target of 300,000 units.

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