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Extreme Krypton executives: now automobile marketing is more and more like the health food industry.

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Today, an entry about "big science and technology companies, ecological car-making" has been on the top search list on Weibo. It is understood that the entry mainly originated from yesterday, a well-known auto media posted that: was called to Xiaomi for coffee, in short, "technology factory, ecological car", and so on SU7 real car bar.

As soon as the article was issued, it immediately attracted numerous netizens to watch. As of press time, the topic has been read 22.521 million times and discussed 12000 times.

For this topic, many netizens also joined the discussion. Some netizens said: Xiaomi SU7 model does not need to always emphasize the promotion of ecological aspects, so it is difficult to impress consumers. It points out that Xiaomi and Lei Zong have been emphasizing "technology" and "ecology" since the beginning of car construction, and the same is true of Xiaomi's brand image, and the group's strategy to upgrade "human and car family ecology". First of all, the hardware level of the product level to move users, ecology in the second place for the product to add points for the brand, binding users, this is right. Another netizen commented: I think the first car of Xiaomi should be a car that people who use Xiaomi's mobile phone can afford. Build an unadorned car that people can afford.

In addition, some netizens said that they were very optimistic about the arrival of Xiaomi cars, pointing out that the biggest advantage of Xiaomi car building is not its appearance, interior decoration, or performance, or driving experience, but Xiaomi's accumulated experience in the technology industry for many years, and full ecological experience, which is a huge advantage that any other automaker cannot compare.

Interestingly, the topic has also attracted the attention of other auto executives. Last night, Zhu Ling, president of Polar Krypton Intelligent Technology, said: big science and technology companies build cars ecologically. Now automobile marketing is more and more like the health care industry, a variety of new terms come out frequently, they do not understand. At the same time, it also points out that a car is a car after all, and the first thing to talk about ecology is the ecology of using a car. It is easy to build a product, but difficult to build a complete system. The automobile industry is a typical capital-intensive, manpower-intensive, technology-intensive, supply chain-intensive, asset-intensive industry. Some technologies can overtake at corners, but many accumulations cannot be overtaken at corners. Every screw needs to be really hit. Qiangru Tesla did not launch model S until ten years after its establishment, while major technology companies such as Apple and Amazon cannot use "eco-car". After all, cars are one of the most expensive expenses for most families, and big factories are always the most reliable endorsements for car purchases.

For Zhu Ling's article, Zhao Chunlin, president of extreme krypton intelligent technology, also forwarded the article and commented: there are more than 1500 engineers in the field of extreme krypton manufacturing, and an intelligent, transparent and agile green digital factory has exceeded 10 billion. Maybe this ecology is not that ecology, an input, a user value, the big factory needs you and me to hit the screws in a down-to-earth manner!

In response to the views of polar krypton executives, the auto media also said again: don't rush between peers, wait for the product to come, and in terms of product power, to put it bluntly, it depends on whether you are determined to spend money and whether you can form a scale. As for the strength of the company, the market capitalization of Xiaomi is OK, and the key depends on how determined Boss Lei is.

In fact, from the strength of Xiaomi, compared with many new car-building forces, Xiaomi still has a great advantage in terms of capital. Xiaomi founder Lei Jun recently said in an interview with the media that Xiaomi car building is divided into "ten times investment" and "Shouzheng extraordinary" two strategies. It said that in terms of "ten times the investment", the average car company built a car, with a total investment of 300 to 400 people and 1 billion to 2 billion yuan, while Xiaomi's first car invested 3400 engineers and spent more than 10 billion yuan on research and development. it's "more than ten times the investment."

From the perspective of supply chain, software, users, ecology and channels, Xiaomi does have a certain accumulation, which is conducive to the follow-up promotion of Xiaomi cars. However, as far as car construction is concerned, Xiaomi is still a layman, and the car hardware is not what Xiaomi is good at. Whether the product can gain a foothold in the market remains to be verified in the follow-up time.

With regard to the promotion of Xiaomi's "big science and technology factory, ecological car-making", some people in the industry pointed out that a car company can talk about the premise of ecology. is to have a mature production line, stable production technology and raw material supply, cars have excellent mechanical quality, good materials, comfortable adjustment, intelligent hardware and software, and finally the ecological level. These aspects do not mean that the traditional big companies must be dominant, and the newcomers must be at a disadvantage, but relatively speaking, the traditional big factories give consumers more room for trial and error. Consumers are advised not to buy a car because of a publicity point other than the car itself, because there is a high probability of regret. If the car does do a good job in terms of driving control experience, core components, etc., and then talk about the ecological dimension, it will really prove the value of the new brand to the auto industry.

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