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Huawei transferred a number of trademarks, BAIC Smart selected a new brand exposed

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According to the trademark announcement No. 1865 of the Trademark Office of the State intellectual property Office, Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. transferred a number of "STELATO" trademarks to BAIC New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., category 12, and the transfer / transfer application has been approved. At present, Huawei still has a number of "STELATO" trademark application information, and the international classification involves building repair, website services, scientific instruments, etc., and most of the current trademark status is "preliminary examination announcement".

With regard to Huawei's trademark transfer to BAIC New Energy, industry insiders close to BAIC New Energy told the Financial Associated Press that "a sample car for Huawei's cooperation with BAIC's smart selection model has come out and is located in medium and large pure electric cars. It is expected to be released in the first half of 2024."

The Tramway report speculates that the English names of STELATO or Huawei and BAIC Zhixuan brands are the same as those of AITO and LUXEED respectively, but it is not clear the specific Chinese name of STELATO. The announcement shows that after Huawei applied for the registration of STELATO trademarks, it successively registered nine "boundary" brand trademarks, including "Pride, respect, Optimus, Rhyme, Daijie, Shangjie, Fantasy, Fantasy, Yaojie" and so on. According to the Chinese meaning of STELATO, Aojie, Fantasy and Yaojie are most likely to be named in STELATO. Of course, the above is just speculation.

At present, there are three business models for Huawei BU to cooperate with car companies: Tier1 (traditional parts supplier model, supplying intelligent parts for car companies), HI model (Huawei Inside mode) and smart selection mode, among which the cooperation of smart selection mode is particularly deep. Huawei is not only deeply involved in product development and design, but also can sell through Huawei's channels. In September, Huawei renamed its smart car selection business to Hongmeng Zhihang. Members of its website include Zhanjie and Zhi Jie, which show the model M9 and Zhi Jie S7.

In other words, Hongmeng Zhixing model currently includes Zhi Jie, Zhi Jie brand. M9, the fourth model, was officially launched on December 26th with a price range of 46.98-569800 yuan. It has launched two kinds of power models: the extended range version (CLTC 225km) and the pure electric version (CLTC 630km), and provides Max and Ultra configurations for consumers to choose from. The price range is 46.98-569800 yuan. Yu Chengdong said the car is the best SUV under 10 million.

On November 28th, Zhijie S7, the first volume-produced car, officially went on sale, with a price range of 249800-349800 yuan. Compared with the Zhi Jie brand, the existence of the Zhijie brand is lower, the main reason is that the construction of the sales channel is slow, the brand awareness has just begun, and it may be difficult to have a more obvious market increment in the coming year.

In the future, Huawei Smart car partners will also include Jianghuai and BAIC to build other "world" brands. On December 1, Jianghuai Automobile announced that it had signed an "Intelligent New Energy vehicle Cooperation Agreement" with Huawei Terminal Co., Ltd. Jianghuai Motors said that based on Huawei's smart car solution, the two sides will fully cooperate in product development, manufacturing, sales and service, and strive to build luxurious intelligent networked electric vehicles through continuous upgrading and iteration of cooperative models. to meet users' higher needs and expectations for smart cars.

At this point, Huawei smart car model in 2024 product layout, planning, has gradually become clear. It is understood that after the launch of the M9, the AITO brand will launch the new M5 and M8 respectively in the first and second half of next year, with the latter positioned between M7 and M9; in terms of intellectual brands, the second car will be launched in the second half of next year, with the internal code name EHY, known as "large Model Y", and will carry a 100-degree battery pack; Huawei's cooperation with BAIC is expected to be unveiled in the first half of next year and then on the market. As for Huawei and Jianghuai cooperation models, some industry insiders close to Huawei revealed to reporters that the brand will layout cars and MPV models in the early stage, and the actual release time may be 2025.

According to a later report from Auto, the company expects to sell 600000 vehicles for the whole of next year, and has communicated this goal to upstream suppliers. However, Huawei did not respond to the news. Cyrus said that the sales target is dynamically adjusted according to the internal and external environment, and the goal of our joint business with Huawei to achieve production and sales of 1 million vehicles by 2026 remains unchanged, and we hope to take a solid step forward next year.

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