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ID. Sales announcement! SAIC Volkswagen: ID. Buzz will be introduced into China

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On December 31, SAIC-Volkswagen was the first to announce ID. The family delivered the data in December. Data show that December ID. The family delivered a total of 19000 vehicles, with a total of 109700 vehicles delivered in 2023, of which the cumulative sales of ID.3 models have exceeded 100000 since its launch.

According to the official website, SAIC-Volkswagen is currently selling pure electric models including ID.4X, ID.6X and ID.3, the first two of which are sister models with FAW-Volkswagen ID.4CROZZ and ID.6CROZZ, while ID.3 's third SAIC-Volkswagen platform model after ID.4X and ID.6X, which is also the most entry-level product, is also the unique model of SAIC-Volkswagen. The data show that in 2022, sales of ID.4 X were 35201, ID.6 X 11396 and ID.3 24274.

After entering 2023, ID.3 has become the current ID of SAIC Volkswagen. The highest-selling model in the pure electric family series. Retail figures show that ID.3 sold 62530 vehicles in the January-November period, compared with 22212 for ID.4 X and 5663 for ID.6 X. According to officials, the ID.3 is a phenomenal popular model in the pure electric car market in 2023. As of December, ID.3 sales had grown for five consecutive months from a month earlier, with year-on-year sales up 215 per cent. The industry believes that the increase in Volkswagen ID.3 sales is related to its price reduction. In July, SAIC-Volkswagen announced a price cut of up to 37000 yuan for its ID.3 models, a move that sparked an enthusiastic response on the terminal, with ID.3 orders exceeding 10, 000 a month by the end of July.

As one of the earliest joint ventures in China, SAIC-Volkswagen has been actively laying out the electrified transformation, but it is still under pressure on the sales side. Take 2022 sales as an example, data show that the 2022 SAIC Volkswagen ID. The cumulative sales of pure electric family series is 75000 vehicles in the whole year, which is far from that of new energy leading car companies such as BYD and Tesla.

As for next year's product planning, SAIC-Volkswagen officials said that the ID.3 and ID.4 X will usher in the launch of 2024 new models next year. In addition, the ID.NEXT, which is SAIC-Volkswagen's version of ID.7, will be launched in mass production, while Volkswagen's iconic pure electric MPV model, ID. Buzz, may be exclusively imported and sold.

ID. Buzz model

It is understood that the pure electric MPV ID.Buzz first debuted in March 2022, the car is based on the MEB platform, a total of ID.Buzz (passenger version) and ID.Buzz Cargo (freight version) two models, overseas prices from 60, 000 euros (about 457000 yuan). The power is equipped with a battery pack with net capacity 77kWh, the maximum power of the motor is 150kW, the peak torque is 310N ·m, and the highest speed is 145km/h. In June this year, the official picture of Volkswagen ID. Buzz LWB was officially released, and the car can be regarded as a long wheelbase version of ID. Buzz. There is not much difference between ID. Buzz LWB and ID. Buzz in appearance design, but there is obvious elongation in size. The length, width and height of ID. Buzz long wheelbase version is 4962/1985/1927mm, and the wheelbase is 3239mm. Compared with the ID. Buzz model, the length and wheelbase of the new car are lengthened 250mm, in which the side slide door size increases 192mm, while the width and height remain the same. In addition, ID. Buzz LWB has added a third row of seats in the interior, which is more spacious, with larger battery capacity and higher horsepower.

ID. Buzz long wheelbase version

According to the plan, ID. Buzz will be put into production at the Hannover plant in Germany and listed in the North American market in 2024, followed by SAIC-Volkswagen import into the domestic market. Volkswagen has said that it is very happy to introduce ID. Buzz into the domestic market, but at present, the competition in the domestic MPV market is not small. With more car companies joining the MPV track in the past two years, obvious shuffling has taken place in the MPV market. According to the latest retail data of the Federation of passengers, from January to November 2023, retail sales in the domestic narrow passenger car market totaled 19.345 million, an increase of 5.3 per cent over the same period last year, of which MPV model sales rose 17.8 per cent year on year to 993000, accounting for 5.1 per cent.

From the current market terminal sales situation and market competitiveness analysis, although SAIC-Volkswagen has been active layout of electric transformation, but it wants to catch up with BYD, Tesla and other new energy head car companies still need to make more changes.

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