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On the first day of the New year, Tesla "reduced the price" promotion!

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On the first day of the New Year in 2024, Tesla officially announced time-limited benefits: Model 3 rear-drive car insurance subsidy of 6000 yuan, before the end of January to start Model 3 rear-drive car, benefits up to 22000. At present, the price of the Model 3 rear-drive version starts at 261,400 yuan, and the price of picking up the car before the end of January starts at only 255,400 yuan.

In addition, Tesla also launched the "New Year Low Interest Financial Policy," which can save up to 23000 yuan on Model 3/Y financial rates; pick up the car before the end of January, the annual rate of Model 3/Y is as low as 1.99%; pick up the car before the end of March, the annual rate of Model S/X is 2.5%.

Up to now, Tesla's global sales models include Model 3, Model Y, Model S and Model X, among which Model S/X is Tesla's first batch of models to enter China. Both models are imported into the domestic market for sale. Compared with the domestic Model 3/Y, Model S/X is positioned as a million high-end luxury cars. The high price also leads to a small audience of the two cars in the domestic market.

From January to November this year, cumulative sales of Model Y were 396,300 units and Model 3 131,500 units, according to retail data from the Federation.

It can't be seen from the intuitive data that Model Y is Tesla's main source of sales. Model Y is Tesla's first domestic SUV, launched in 2021. On October 1, Tesla officially announced the launch of the new Tesla Model Y. There were 3 models of new cars, with a price range of 263,900 - 349,900 yuan at that time, including 263,900 yuan for the rear-wheel drive version, 299,900 yuan for the long-life version and 349,900 yuan for the high-performance version. As a new model, the performance configuration of the new car has been improved but the price remains unchanged. Among them, multi-color atmosphere lights are added to the interior decoration, and high-quality technical textile materials are selected in the dashboard trim panel. The rear-wheel drive version has an acceleration capacity of 100 kilometers increased by 1 second to 5.9 seconds compared with the previous model.

A few days ago, media quoted people familiar with the matter as saying Tesla was preparing to launch an improved version of the Model Y at its Shanghai plant, possibly starting mass production as early as mid-2024. Reported that compared with the October 2023 upgrade Model Y, the appearance and interior changes of the 2024 Model Y will be more obvious, the first batch of the latest Model Y will be produced by Tesla Shanghai factory phase II. However, the news was rejected by Tesla China, which said: "This is false information."

Official data show Tesla delivered 1.324 million vehicles worldwide in the first three quarters of this year, in other words, Tesla needs to deliver about 476,000 new vehicles in the fourth quarter to meet its original full-year delivery target of 1.8 million vehicles.

Tesla is expected to deliver 1.82 million vehicles globally in 2023, up 37% year-on-year, with about 473,000 delivered in the fourth quarter of 2023, foreign media reported. With 2024 coming, the answer will soon be revealed whether Tesla can achieve its annual sales target of 1.8 million vehicles.

For Tesla's development in the new year, foreign media reports pointed out that Tesla will face more challenges in the new year, including the reduction of subsidies for electric vehicles in the United States and Germany and the stricter regulatory review of its autonomous driving function in the United States and European countries. The report also pointed out that the decline in battery raw material costs will also force Tesla to cut prices further in 2024. Tesla officials did not respond to the news as of press time.

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