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Popular style miraculous car! Wuling colorful fruit sold 231100 ​ vehicles.

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On January 1, SAIC GM Wuling officially announced the latest monthly and annual cumulative sales. According to the data, SAIC GM Wuling sold 201700 vehicles in December, up 26% from the previous month. In 2023, it sold 1.4031 million vehicles, including 500200 passenger vehicles and 639700 commercial vehicles.

Subdivided into major models, Hongguang MINIEV is 237900 and Wuling colorful fruit is 231100, becoming another popular style "magic car" after SAIC GM's "Hongguang MinIEV". Wuling colorful fruit has sold more than 30, 000 vehicles for two months in a row, bringing its cumulative sales to 231100, which is basically on a par with Hongguang MINIEV, officials said.

According to Automotive Industry concern, Wuling Colorado is SAIC GM's first "large space five-door pure tram", positioning a small car, one level higher than Wuling clear Sky and Wuling MINI EV. Wuling colorful fruit went on sale on March 29th this year, when the new car launched a total of five models with a price range of 5.98-83800 yuan. On September 25th, the Wuling colorful fruit 410km continued version went on sale at a price of 88800 yuan. As a new Wuling colorful fruit model, the new car is equipped with a larger capacity battery pack, the CLTC pure electric battery life reaches 410km, and three new colors are added. On the day of the launch of the new car, the relevant person in charge of SAIC GM Wuling said in an interview with the media: "from the market feedback, the sales of 330km models account for more than 70%, and consumers are more willing to choose products with higher battery life." With the launch of the Wuling colorful fruit 410km model, Wuling colorful fruit monthly sales are expected to increase by 3000-5000 vehicles, and the next month sales are expected to be 23000-25000 vehicles.

From the current market situation, Wuling colorful fruit's main competitor is BYD seagull. BYD Seagull launched on April 26 this year, a total of three models, the price range of 7.38-89800 yuan, is the only BYD model of the entire range of models priced less than 100000 yuan, the car is based on BYD e platform 3.0, CLTC mileage for 305km and 405km.

The cumulative retail sales of Wuling colorful fruit reached 140306 vehicles by the end of November, according to the Federation of passengers. Among them, retail sales from August to November were 13892, 19606, 23744 and 24024 respectively, showing a monthly growth trend. By comparison, BYD Seagull had cumulative retail sales of 198258 vehicles as of the end of November. Among them, retail sales from August to November were 34841, 35011, 37836 and 40594 respectively, also showing a monthly growth trend. From the sales data analysis, BYD Seagull performance is more "strong", but as a hot model on the market, Wuling colorful fruit is bound to directly affect the market share of its competitor BYD Seagull.

From the analysis of body size and product positioning, the positioning of Wuling colorful fruit and seagull is very similar. It is understood that the two models are aimed at the mainstream female consumer groups, Wuling colorful fruit product manager Sixing revealed that 68% of the users of colorful fruit are women, accounting for half of the 31-40 age range. As for seagull models, Sun Shaojun, founder of car fans, has said that more than 95% of seagull customers are women, and the main purpose of buying a car is to practice, commute and pick up children. However, by comparison, the Wuling colorful fruit is larger in size, has more length and wheelbase than the 170mm and 60mm, and is cheaper, but the seagull configuration is richer and safer. In other words, if you directly choose colorful fruits under 70,000 yuan, seagulls can be selected for more than 70,000 yuan.

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