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The first MPV! Xiaopeng X9 goes on sale from 359800 yuan

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On January 1, Xiaopeng Automobile officially announced the price of Xiaopeng X9. The new car launched four models at a price of 359,800 - 419,800 yuan. It is understood that Xiaopeng X9 is the sixth mass production car owned by Xiaopeng Automobile, and it is also the first MPV, positioning pure electric intelligent seven-seat MPV model, adopting pure electric power system. As a medium and large MPV, Xiaopeng X9's competitors will aim at Tengshi D9, Extreme Krypton 009, Wei Brand Gaoshan, Lantu Dreamer, Hechuang 009 and other products.

In terms of appearance, Xiaopeng X9 also highlights its difference in design level. It adopts a lot of sharp lines. As always, the front adopts through-type daytime running lights and split-type headlights. The grille with inverted trapezoid design is adopted below. The interior is supplemented with hexagonal gradual design decoration. The laser radar is located on both sides of the front enclosure. Like the Xiaopeng G9, the black trim extends a circle from the front to enhance the grade of the vehicle. In addition, the car places lidar on both sides of the front enclosure.

The side of the car body is different from the traditional MPV models on the market. The overall shape of the new car is angular, and the roof line inclines downward from the D-pillar position, which makes the vehicle form an oblique visual effect in the tail window. Thanks to the application of many straight lines, such as A-pillar, roof, waist line and other details, it also shows another taste of "science fiction." Due to its suspended roof design, the car looks like a space capsule from the right rear.

At the rear of the car, the new car features a slightly downward sloping slip-back styling with a through-tail light design that echoes the front face. In addition, the new car license plate area adopts inverted trapezoidal embedded modeling, with bright black rear surround, the overall visual hierarchy is very rich. In terms of size, the length, width and height of Xiaopeng X9 are 5293/1988/1785mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 3160 mm.

Entering the car, you can see that the layout of the new car center console continues the family-style design, creating a simple and technological interior atmosphere. The car is equipped with a small and exquisite full LCD dashboard and a center control screen larger in size than the G9, and the center control screen supports split screen display information.

In terms of seat layout, the interior adopts 2+2+3 layout, among which the second row is two independent seats with independent armrests, small table board in front, and 180mm central passage width in the car. There will be a separate air-conditioning control area in the rear, centrally located, and two sunroofs at the front and rear. For the trunk space, the car supports the third row down, among which the third row seats support one-button electric magic storage, which can be transformed into a large flat layer.

In terms of power, the previous declaration information shows that the new car will be equipped with two drive forms: two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. Among them, the maximum power of the drive motor carried by the two-wheel drive model is 235 kW; the maximum power of the front and rear motors of the four-wheel drive model is 235 kW and 135 kW respectively. There are three versions of battery life, the standard version with 84.5 kWh battery pack and CLTC range of 610 km; the long-range version and the four-wheel drive version with 101.5 kWh battery pack, CLTC range of 702 km and 640 km respectively (four-wheel drive). As the flagship model of Fuyao architecture, Xiaopeng X9 will undertake the core technologies of full-range 800V, front-rear integrated aluminum die-casting, XNGP, etc., and become the only MPV model with standard rear wheel steering in the world.

At present, Xiaopeng automobile models on sale include G3, P7, P5, G9 and G6, among which G series represents SUV, P series represents sedan, X9 is the sixth production car of Xiaopeng automobile, and X series represents MPV. Earlier, according to media reports, Xiaopeng car's first production car_G3 stopped production at the end of 2022, although the G3i model still accepts booking and purchase, but the follow-up car will not launch a modified model, the main business district stores have no longer displayed the car, the follow-up Xiaopeng car or will design a replacement for this model of the new product.

Compared with cars and SUVs, MPV market volume is small, but because of this, the market has become blue sea, including Lantu, Tengshi, Weipai, Ideal, Volvo, Extreme Krypton and other automobile enterprises in this market layout, with more and more products to join, the competitive pressure in this market will be further intensified. According to the latest retail data of the association, the best-selling MPV in November 2023 was Tengshi D9 with 108,100 units, followed by Buick GL8 with 107,400 units and Chuanqi M8 with 80,600 units.

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