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A number of car companies cut prices, Audi A8L dropped by 40,000

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As expected by the market, after entering 2024, a number of car companies have extended their car purchase preferential policies to promote consumption.

On January 1, Audi A8L officially adjusted its price, with a maximum price reduction of 40, 000 yuan, with 5 models on sale after adjustment, with a price range of 78. 98 yuan to 1.9548 million yuan.

The Audi A8L completed a mid-term revamping at the 2022 Chengdu Auto Show, upgrading its appearance and configuration. In terms of appearance, the new car forward gas grille uses a large area of chrome plating decoration, the middle grid adopts dot matrix modeling design, and the headlamp group on both sides is also changed to a family design with corners. In addition, the front of the new car is surrounded by penetrating chrome-plated decorative strips, and the heat dissipation openings on both sides are surrounded by chrome-plated decoration to further enhance the aura of the whole car. In terms of power, the Audi A8L still provides a variety of power combinations, the entry-level model is equipped with a 2.0T engine with a maximum power of 265hp, the 50x55 TFSI is equipped with a light hybrid combination of 3.0T V6 engine and 48V motor, the maximum power is 286pm 340hp, and the 60 TFSI is equipped with a 4.0T V8 engine + 48V motor light hybrid system with a maximum power of 460hp.

On the same day, Lecker 09 official announced a price reduction, the official guidance price of all models was reduced by 10, 000 yuan, and the adjusted price range was 24. 79-302900 yuan. In addition, if you buy a car before January 31, 2024, you can enjoy 10,000 yuan of fuel car coupons, up to 8000 yuan of replacement subsidy and 10,000 yuan of financial subsidy.

Lectra 09 is a medium-and large-scale SUV of Lecker Automobile, which is built based on SPA architecture. EM-P corresponds to plug-in hybrid, and MHEV corresponds to gas-electric hybrid. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 5042/1977/1780mm and the wheelbase is 2984mm, providing a layout of 6 seats and 7 seats. In terms of power, the new car will be equipped with a light mixing system composed of 2.0T engine and 48V motor, with a maximum power of 254hp and a maximum torque of 350Nm. The transmission system matches the eight-speed manual self-integrated gearbox, and the whole system is equipped with a full-time four-wheel drive system, providing CLTC condition 190km pure electric life, CLTC condition comprehensive range 1430km CLTC condition comprehensive 1.0L/100km.

Other car companies also participate in the market in different ways, such as SAIC GM Buick E4 and E5 time-limited car purchase preferential policies, including 10,000 yuan in additional purchase / replacement subsidy, 10,000 yuan in insurance subsidy (maximum) and 10,000 yuan in financial gifts (maximum). Among the three time-limited preferential policies launched by SAIC GM for Buick E4 and E5 models, the purchase / exchange subsidy of 10,000 yuan can be regarded as a "no-threshold cash discount". As long as it meets the requirement that "the information of the owner of the old car is consistent with the name of the buyer on the invoice of the new car and the information of the insured on the traffic insurance policy", it can be enjoyed (not at the same time as the replacement subsidy). According to the rules of use, the other two concessions are mainly embodied in the same value concessions such as coupons and value-added service gift packages. The time limit of the preferential policy for time-limited car purchase is from January 1 to February 9, 2024, involving all Buick E4 and Buick E5 models.

In addition, as the head of an electric car company, Tesla officially announced time-limited benefits: 6000 yuan for insurance subsidies for Model 3 rear drive cars, and up to 22000 for Model 3 drive cars before the end of January. At present, the price of the Model 3 rear-drive version starts at 261400 yuan, while the car pick-up starts at 255400 yuan before the end of January. At the same time, Tesla has also launched the "New year's low interest Financial Policy", which can save up to 23000 yuan for the purchase of Model 3max Y; before the end of January, the annual rate for Model 3Universe is as low as 1.99%; and before the end of March, the annual rate for Model SameX is 2.5%.

The "price war" of car companies almost runs through 2023. In early 2023, Tesla launched the first round of price war, car companies have chosen to "follow the brand"; the price war in the middle of the year once again set off the best part, and at the end of the year, in order to sprint the annual sales of KPI, many independent-brand car companies "take the initiative" to start the third round of large-scale price war.

The impact of the "price war" in the automobile industry is also quite far-reaching, which will lead to a decline in product prices, thus reducing the profit margins of car companies and dealers. In the face of 2024, in the face of a more competitive market and more aggressive sales targets, it may also be the main theme of the new year for car companies to reduce prices and seize the market. "Price war" is a double-edged sword, the good side is to accelerate the automobile industry reshuffle, urge enterprises to strengthen research and development and innovation, enhance product competitiveness, but can not be ignored, cause greater pressure on small and medium-sized enterprises, may cause some enterprises to withdraw from the market.

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