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Stop working with brands such as understanding car Emperor? Huawei responded

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On January 3, there was news in the market that a number of models owned by Huawei Hongmeng Zhihang stopped being launched on platforms such as understanding car Emperor, Automobile Home and change cars. It has been reported that since January 2024, Huawei Hongmeng Zhihang has stopped its cooperation with understanding car Emperor, Auto Home and Yi car, and none of its stores have opened three-car platform members.

On the same day, Sun Shaojun, founder of car fans, also posted on Weibo: "to confirm with friends from headquarters and channels, Huawei has indeed taken the initiative to suspend the cooperation among China's three major automobile portals (understanding car Emperor, changing cars, Automobile Home)."

In response to the news, Huawei informed sources responded to the "Financial Associated Press" that due to the expiration of the original cooperation agreement between Hongmeng Zhihang and some platform member stores, the cooperation of member stores was suspended until new business negotiations were reached. Other cooperative business is still going on normally.

At present, Huawei Hongmeng Zhihang model has launched M5, M7, M9 and S7 models. Among them, MJ is a brand jointly launched by Cyrus and Huawei. Among them, M9 went on sale on December 26. A total of 4 models have been launched, with a price range of 469800-569800 yuan. The car is built by Huawei's all-stack technology solution for smart cars. There are two power versions of the car, namely, add-on and pure electric, which Yu Chengdong said is the best SUV within 10 million. The Zhijie S7 is a joint brand between Chery and Huawei-the first model of Zhijie, and the first car of Hongmeng Zhihang. Zhijie S7 launched on November 28, a total of four models, the price range is 249800-349800 yuan, positioning pure electric medium and large coupe, power to provide ordinary version and sports kit version for consumers to choose from.

It is understood that the list of relevant brand dealers on the official websites of Chedi and Yi car has been emptied, and Auto House has only one store offer. In this regard, there is an industry view that Huawei Hongmeng Zhixing itself has a huge degree of attention and traffic, relying on Huawei's previous marketing system can also complete the acquisition of customers. In addition, there was speculation that Hongmeng Zhihang might build its own App, but Huawei did not respond to the news.

A month ago, a series of test results of "2023 Winter Test of understanding Che Emperor" sparked heated discussion among netizens. It is understood that the car emperor tested the pure electric range success rate of hybrid models under severe cold conditions, and about 20 models participated in the test. Among them, the top four models are all from BYD, ranking first is looking up to the U8 model, while the M7 extended range version ranks last with a 31.6% battery life rate. At that time, the results announced by the car Emperor showed that the success rate of the M7 was 31.6%, with a nominal range of 175 km and an actual range of 55.3 km. As soon as the results were released, the QQ authorities immediately released a post entitled "not afraid of the cold, the official interpretation of the winter test performance of the QQ series of models", explaining the results of the driving test. Subsequently, Huawei Yu Chengdong personally forwarded the official message, while commenting that "misleading the public! science and rigor are the basic rules that should be followed!" Since then, including Great Wall Motor and Geely Motor have also come forward to question the test. In response, Zhi Cedi responded that the endurance test standards of all vehicles tested in winter are the same and will not be aimed at a particular model.

Public data show that understanding car Emperor, Automobile House and Yi car are all representatives of domestic automobile vertical websites, among which, understanding car Emperor provides one-stop automobile information and service platform, covering content, tools and community. Car House provides car consumers with comprehensive, accurate and fast one-stop service for car selection, car purchase, car use, car change and so on. E-car Network is an integrated marketing solution provider for automobile manufacturers and regional dealers. According to reports, understanding the car emperor, the car house and the change of cars are not only important positions for car companies to put marketing expenses, but also important sources of sales clues for brands or dealers.

According to a report released by Hunan Automobile Chamber of Commerce, the annual fee for dealer members of Automobile House in 2023 is as low as 233700 yuan, an increase of 44 percent over the same period last year; the price of car-changing website members is 238800 yuan, an increase of about 39 percent; and the price of car-understanding members is expected to be 255500 yuan, an increase of 93 percent. Since then, the China Automobile Circulation Association sent a letter suggesting that the three major automobile network drainage platforms suspend price adjustment, and set up a special research working group.

At present, we do not know whether Huawei's suspension of cooperation with the above-mentioned three-car platform means that advertising investment will be reduced, and we still need to disclose more official information to know. However, according to the response of people familiar with the matter at Huawei, this time the cooperation is "suspended" until the new business talks are agreed, which means that the cooperation is not stopped, which means that there is still the possibility of cooperation between the two sides in the future.

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