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The official announced a price reduction for Tesla's four models!

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On January 12th, Tesla Chinese official announced that the price of Model 3/Model Y had been reduced. Among them, the new version of Model 3 decreased by 15500 yuan to 245900 yuan after adjustment, while the new version of Model 3 decreased by 11500 yuan to 299900 yuan.

In addition, the price of Tesla Model Y rear wheel drive version is reduced by 7500 yuan, and the adjusted guidance price is 258900 yuan; the price of Tesla Model Y long-range cruise version is reduced by 6500 to 299900 yuan; and the price of Model Y high-performance version remains unchanged at 362900 yuan.

The new version of Model 3 will be officially pre-sold on September 1, 2023, with the standard continued version priced at 259900 yuan and the long-lasting version priced at 295900 yuan. In terms of size, the new Model 3 has a 4720/1848/1442mm length, width and height and a wheelbase 2875mm, which has little change compared with the old model.

In terms of power, the new Model 3 standard continued version uses rear wheel drive with a maximum power of 194kW, peak torque of 340km / h and acceleration time of 6.1 seconds. In terms of battery life, the new Model 3 standard battery pack is equipped with a 60kwh battery pack with a range of 606km under CLTC conditions, while the long-lasting version is equipped with a battery pack of 78.4kWh and a range of 713km under CLTC conditions.

On January 2, Tesla announced the annual production and sales volume for 2023. The data show that Tesla's delivery volume for the whole of 2023 increased by 38% to 1.8086 million vehicles compared with the same period last year, meeting Tesla's annual sales target of 1.8 million vehicles. According to FIFA data, Tesla delivered a total of 947000 vehicles in China in 2023, accounting for 52% of the total global delivery volume (1.8086 million), which means that Tesla Shanghai Super Factory contributed more than half of Tesla's global delivery.

At present, Tesla's models for sale include Model 3max Y and Model Splash X, of which Model 3max Y is undoubtedly the key source of sales, with a total sales of 1.7397 million vehicles. Among them, Model Y has contributed absolute strength. Take the Chinese market as an example, its annual sales are 456400, surpassing Nissan's 376100 and Volkswagen's 345900, among which Tesla Model Y has contributed absolutely to become the best-selling model in China, and it is the champion of sales without adding a bunch of attributives.

Behind the scenery, the report card handed over by Tesla also exposed many challenges. with the rapid development of domestic electric cars, Tesla is no longer the only object sought after by consumers. BYD has an absolute position in the market of less than 200000 yuan, surpassing Tesla to become the world's largest pure electric car company in the fourth quarter of 2023. In the market of 30-500000 yuan, it is constantly eroded by extreme krypton, Ultimate, ideal, Lantu and other manufacturers, especially the ideal car, which plans to sell 800000 vehicles in 2024, and it will add a member to the mainstream consumer price range of 20-300000 yuan. The ideal L6 with a lower price may be the key to the impact of the ideal car on higher sales, and this may have a great impact on Tesla. Even if ideal car and Tesla are not direct competitors.

At the same time, although Tesla successfully achieved the 2023 sales target, the core reason, of course, is the excellent competitiveness of Tesla's products, but it is also inseparable from the sacrifice of profit for price for volume. In 2023, Tesla cut prices in the United States, Europe, China and other markets, which undoubtedly enhanced the competitiveness of Tesla models, and consumers were still willing to compromise for the price, but this also led to a decline in Tesla's gross profit margin. It fell from 19.3% in the first quarter to 17.9% in the third quarter.

Generally speaking, 2023 is a brilliant year for Tesla, creating a historical peak of 1.8086 million vehicles, but there is no doubt that behind this achievement is arduous and weak. Looking at 2024, Tesla cut the prices of models produced and sold in the Chinese market at the beginning of the year, no doubt, hoping to sacrifice profits for sales, so as to achieve a more radical goal, but whether the price-for-volume method of growth will still work in 2024. There still needs to be a question mark. The good news is that after the change of Model 3, it is rumored that Model Y will also be completed in 2024, and as the most important source of Tesla's sales, it may make Model Y create a greater miracle in sales and further inject market competitiveness for Tesla.

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