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Sales list of new energy manufacturers in 2023!

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Retail sales in the domestic narrow-sense passenger car market were 2.353 million in December, with a total of 21.703 million in 2023, according to retail data from the Federation of passengers. Among them, sales of new energy passenger vehicles were 945000, up 94.5 percent from the same period last year, and 12.4 percent month-on-month. The cumulative sales volume in 2023 was 7.74 million, an increase of 36.3 percent over the same period last year.

Judging from the sales list of new energy manufacturers in December, the top 10 car companies in the list are BYD Automobile, Tesla China, SAIC GM Wuling, Geely Motor, ideal Automobile, Guangzhou Automobile Ean, Changan Automobile, Selis Automobile, Great Wall Automobile, and Chery Automobile.

The ranking of car companies changed slightly in December compared with November, with Chery replacing Xiaopeng into the top 10. Figures show that Chery sold 20053 vehicles in December, up 61.6% from a year earlier, but failed to make it into the top 10 for the year. With regard to the sales forecast for the new year, Yin Tongyue, chairman of Chery Holdings Group, said at a forum on the high-quality development of the automobile industry held by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology that the sales growth rate in 2024 is to exceed that of the industry by 10-20%. At the same time, Yin Tongyue pointed out that the situation in 2024 will be more severe and is expected to grow at a low level.

Judging from the entire list, BYD is firmly at the top of both the monthly list and the cumulative sales volume for the whole year of 2023. According to the data, BYD's sales rose 34.2% to 300215 vehicles in December from a year earlier, with a cumulative annual sales of 2706075 vehicles, an increase of 50.3% year-on-year, with a market share of 35.0%.

In second place was Tesla China, with sales of 75805 vehicles in December, up 80.8% from a year earlier and 15.73% from a month earlier, while cumulative sales for the whole year were 603664, up 37.3% from a year earlier. Among the subdivided models, there were 60055 Model Y vehicles in December, with a total of 456394 vehicles for the whole year, and 15750 Model 3 vehicles, with a total of 147270 vehicles for the whole year.

SAIC GM Wuling ranked third on the list, with December sales of 67169 vehicles, up 72.8 per cent from a year earlier, and 457848 vehicles for the whole year, up 3.6 per cent from a year earlier. Since SAIC GM Wuling launched Wuling colorful fruit in March 2023, sales have been significantly boosted. Retail data show that Wuling colorful fruit accumulated sales of 167764 vehicles in 2023, becoming another popular "magic car" after the "Hongguang MinIEV" of SAIC GM Wuling. As a reference, Hongguang MINIEV sold 237863 vehicles in 2023.

Other notable year-on-year increases in December included ideal, Cyrus and Great Wall, up 137.1%, 195.8% and 196.5%, respectively. Among them, the ideal car sales of 50353, a monthly delivery of a new high, for the first time this year, the monthly delivery of more than 50, 000, but also the "Wei Xiaoli" camp in the only car company on the list. For comparison, there are 20115 Xiaopeng cars and 18012 Weilai cars.

In terms of Cyrus, since the launch of the new M7 in AITO, Selis has successfully become a dark horse in the car market. Sales in December were 30108, ranking eighth on the list. Retail data showed that the M7 sold 25545 vehicles in December, accounting for 84.84 per cent of total sales.

On Sept. 12, AITO officially released and announced the price of the new M7. The new car is available in versions with big five seats and six seats, with a price range of 2498 yuan to 329800 yuan. The price of the new car is 70, 000 yuan lower than that of the previous version, and 40, 000 yuan lower than that of the M7 after the price reduction in January 2023. Under the price advantage, the new M7 sales gradually climbed, with retail sales of 5248, 12193 and 17039 respectively from September to November.

In addition, Geely, GAC Ean and Changan also had good increases, with Geely ranking fourth on the list, with sales of 59501 vehicles in December, up 52.4% from the same period last year, and 469427 vehicles for the whole year, up 54.0% from the same period last year. GAC Ean rose 46.6 per cent year-on-year to 43999 vehicles and 76.7 per cent to 483632 vehicles for the whole year, failing to meet its annual sales target of 500000 vehicles, but its official monthly sales figures for 2023 showed a monthly growth trend from January to December.

Taken together, a number of new energy vehicle companies increased to varying degrees in December, especially Cyrus, Great Wall and ideal cars, all of which grew by more than 100% year-on-year. The Federation said that the promotion price of the car market in December was particularly strong, releasing part of the car purchase demand early, and the overall trend of new energy passenger car enterprises was strong. Judging from the sales performance of new energy manufacturers in 2023, the top three "BAT" industries, especially BYD (B), Eian (A) and Tesla (T), all performed well, while ideal Automobile was the auto company with the highest year-on-year growth in the 2023 list. With the multi-line development of independent car companies on the new energy route, the market base continues to expand. According to China International Capital Corporation's research report, the penetration rate of new energy vehicles is expected to reach 46% in 2024.

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