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The latest sales list of medium-sized cars, Camry was overtaken!

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Retail sales in the domestic narrow passenger car market were 2.353 million in December, up 8.5 per cent from a year earlier and 13.1 per cent month-on-month, according to the Federation of passengers. Among the subdivided models, car sales in December were 1.095 million, up 4.4 per cent from a year earlier and 11.7 per cent month-on-month, accounting for 46.54 per cent of all passenger car sales.

According to the December top20 list of medium-sized sedan sales counted by Automotive Industry concern, 13 models sold more than 10,000 vehicles in December, including Maiteng, Passat, Camry and Accord.

Compared with November, sales of the top 10 models all increased in December, but the ranking has changed dramatically. For comparison, the top 10 midsize cars in November are Camry, Passat, Maiteng, Mercedes-Benz C-Class, Model 3, Accord, BMW 3-Series, Audi A4L, Red Flag H5 and Red Flag E-QM5.

It is clear from the list in December that the Camry, which has long topped the list of midsize cars, has been replaced by Maiteng and Passat, falling to third place, with sales of 22688 vehicles in December, up 14.68 per cent from the previous month. According to the plan, the new Camry will go public in March 2024. The new Camry, built on the TNGA-K platform, is currently on pre-sale, with a total of nine models, including four gasoline versions and four electric hybrid engines, with a pre-price of 17.38-199900 yuan for gasoline and 18.18-208800 yuan for hybrid engines. As a reference, the price range of 2023 Camry gasoline version 2.0L is 17.98-205800 yuan.

Accord and Teana, both of the top three of the Japanese system, are ranked 4th and 9th respectively. Accord sales in December were 22661, up 52.60% from the previous month, while Teana's sales were 13269, up 68.45% from the previous month. In May 2023, the new generation Accord was launched. As a new generation model, the new car has made comprehensive changes in appearance, size and interior. The power is equipped with fuel version and plug-in hybrid version. However, a few months after the new generation of models, Accord did not bring better sales performance. Retail data show that from June to November 2023, Accord sales were 9008, 7110, 6915, 11509, 17052 and 14849 respectively. Fortunately, Accord sales began to return to the 10,000-vehicle level from October.

As a cost-effective family car, Accord (price range 16.98-259800 yuan), Camry (price range 17.98-269800 yuan) and Teana (price range 17.98-269800 yuan) are often discussed and compared by consumers, also known as "Japanese three Musketeers". But now these three models have gradually widened the gap.

Judging from the overall list, the performance of Maiteng and Passat in December was quite outstanding, with Maiteng at the top of the list with sales of 27826, followed by Passat with 24559. As we all know, SAIC-Volkswagen Passat and FAW-Volkswagen Maiteng are sister models to each other. as a classic representative model of medium-sized cars, Passat won the B-class sales in 2016 and 2019, while Maiteng won the B-class sales in 2017 and 2018, with annual sales of more than 200000 vehicles at that time. However, with the rise of independent brands, the market position of Passat and Maiteng has also been shaken to a certain extent.

For the whole of 2023, Passat and Maiteng still lagged behind Camry, with 225500 Camry, 191000 Passat and 189400 Maiteng, respectively, according to retail data. For comparison, the Passat and Maiteng sold 163500 and 152400 cars respectively in 2022, ranking third and fourth in the 2022 midsize sedan sales list, behind the Camry and Accord.

Tesla sold 15750 Model 3 vehicles in December, up 0.79% from the previous month. At present, the price of Model 3 is 24.59-285900 yuan. In September 2023, the price of the new Tesla Model 3 was officially announced, of which the standard continued version of Model 3 sold for 259900 yuan and the long-lasting version sold for 295900 yuan. Compared with the old model, the price of the new standard continued version of Model 3 has been raised by 28000 yuan, while the price of the long-lasting version has been reduced by 36000 yuan. In terms of power, the new Model 3 standard continued version uses rear wheel drive with a maximum power of 194kW, peak torque of 340km / h and acceleration time of 6.1 seconds.

Among the BBA luxury brands, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, Audi A4L and BMW 3-Series ranked 5th, 8th and 11th respectively in December, with sales of 19418, 14432 and 11396 respectively. Among the three BBA models, the BMW 3-Series was the only one that fell out of the top 10, with sales down 10.93% month-on-month in December.

In terms of independent brands, the Red Flag H5 was among the top 10 in December, with sales of 14674 vehicles, making it the only self-branded model on the list of Top10. Red Flag E-QM5 ranks 12th on the list with 10600 vehicles. Unlike other Red Flag models, the Red Flag H5 is targeted at a younger group and has become a representative of autonomous medium-sized cars because of its more people-friendly prices. In addition, among independent brands, BYD Seal DM-i and Changan Deep Blue SL03 all entered the top 20, ranking 13th and 18th respectively.

In addition to the above models, Cadillac CT5, Mondeo, Pentium B70, Yingshi, BMW i3 and Regal are also in the top 20. At present, Mondeo, Red Flag H5, LaCrosse, Accord and other medium-sized cars have been upgraded, and Camry and Sonata will soon launch replacement models. At the same time, more and more domestic car companies have also begun to launch medium-sized electric vehicles. In this context, the competition in the medium-sized car market will be more fierce.

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