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There are a large number of M9 transfer orders on a second-hand platform.

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Recently, there have been a large number of orders for the transfer of M9 on the second-hand platform salted fish. From the point of view of the transfer price, the price increase is between 500 and 10000 yuan. These transfers range from orders placed in December last year to August and even blind orders for a limited number of 2000 early adopters in June.

Some netizens posted that they had received the invitation of the Pioneer Plan, valid until 2024-01-01 23:59:59, and could pick up the car before the Spring Festival. Ask the boundary M9 small order transfer, the price does not include five thousand deposits, can cooperate with the Beijing sales store transfer, direct and sales docking. At the same time, it is also listed that small orders can enjoy an additional 5,000 discounts, can replace pure electricity and extended range at will, configuration options, and 10,000 orders commercial discounts and other rights. In response to the appearance of M9 transfer orders on the second-hand platform, Celis responded: "Thank you for your support and recognition of M9, encourage you to consult, understand, place orders, pick up cars through official channels, and enjoy a better user experience and service quality. "

Relevant information shows that the M9 is the third model of the company, positioning a large SUV. It was unveiled earlier on the eve of the Shanghai Auto Show and opened for pre-sale. The pre-sale price is 500,000 - 600,000 yuan. The new car went on sale on December 26 last year, with four models launched, with prices ranging from 469,800 yuan to 569,800 yuan. Officially, the pioneer will start delivery on January 26 this year and mass delivery will begin on February 26.

In terms of appearance, the front face of the M9 is equipped with a closed large grille, and the polygonal headlight groups on both sides are connected by the central light belt, which greatly improves the visual effect of the vehicle. The body features concealed door handles and two-tone 21-inch multi-spoke rims, silver trim on the window contours, silver trim on the bottom of the doors and a contrasting roof design to give the vehicle a layered look.

In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 5230/1999/1800mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 3110 mm. In terms of power, the M9 offers two power systems, extended range and pure electric. Among them, the maximum power of the front motor of the pure electric version is 160kW, the maximum power of the rear motor is 230kW, equipped with the ternary lithium battery with the capacity of 97.682kWh in Ningde era, and the pure electric range under CLTC condition is 630km; The extended range version uses H15RT 1.5T engine with maximum power of 112kW and maximum power of 165kW and 200kW respectively. The battery is equipped with ternary lithium battery of Ningde era.

From the official announcement, the M9 series has been booked by more than 54,000 users. Judging from the number of bookings alone, the result of asking the world M9 was still good. Because of the popularity, there were many reselling orders for the M9 on the Internet.

In fact, the phenomenon of making a difference by turning orders has been common on second-hand trading platforms. Many sellers resell their earlier orders, thus charging a certain "transfer fee." Many popular new energy vehicles Tesla model 3, Xiaopeng p7, Weilai es8, etc. have appeared on second-hand platforms. And the price increase of the transfer order is almost always in the hundreds to ten thousand. Of course, most of the transfer fees are determined by the time of picking up the car. If the time of picking up the car is early, the transfer fee will be higher.

For the transfer of orders this behavior, many car enterprises have also launched policies. Earlier Tesla was asked to sign a "non-resale commitment letter." This policy is mainly aimed at some users who purchase multiple Tesla vehicles at one or more times. Tesla requires these users to promise not to transfer or actually transfer to any third party within one year after picking up the vehicle. If the default occurs, Tesla shall pay a penalty of 20% of the invoice price of the vehicle, otherwise Tesla has the right to restrict the change of binding account of the defaulting vehicle and super charging services.

In addition, Weilai Automobile also launched "the first owner's rights and interests," among which the first owner's rights and interests include a large number of free service upgrades and other disguised concessions. Once the sales contract stipulates that the vehicle is resold, the above rights and interests will automatically expire. Xiaopeng Automobile also said that its product orders are associated with ID card real name, and the identity information needs to be verified before entering the delivery link. If a customer cancels the booking for personal reasons, the vehicle order will be re-incorporated into the unified management, and there is no possibility of private second-hand order resale.

Although car companies have issued policies on transfer orders, there are still many car owners who choose to purchase transfer orders, most of which are related to the length of time to pick up the car. In addition, there are insiders pointed out: the first owner of the identification of this is unable to limit the transfer of orders. The main reason is that the first owner, mainly according to the purchase invoice, motor vehicle registration certificate to prove, but many in the purchase invoice issued before, transfer order only first-line sales will know, in the absence of lock order into a large order before, orders and rights will not be affected.

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