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Xiaopeng P7 is on fire! Official response

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Recently, a video of Xiaopeng P7 catching fire at a charging station was leaked on the Internet.

It is understood that the incident occurred in Zhapu, Pinghu City, Jiaxing. From the video exposed on the network, we can see that the whole vehicle is surrounded by fire, the scene is billowing with black smoke, and the fire is very violent. Subsequently, a fire fighting was carried out on the vehicle, and the vehicle was suspected to have made the sound of an explosion during the fire-fighting process.

For this time, some media contacted the official customer service of Xiaopeng Automobile. The other party responded: it is true that Xiaopeng P7 caught fire in Jiaxing. At the same time, it said that the fire has been put out and no casualties have been caused. Xiaopeng's relevant personnel have rushed to the scene as soon as possible, and the relevant departments related to the cause of the fire are still investigating and confirming, and there is no relevant reply yet. At present, Xiaopeng is also cooperating with the fire protection to do further investigation.

It is worth noting that Xiaopeng P7 was also exposed several fires last year. Last November, a Xiaopeng P7 caught fire by the side of the road in Shengzhou, Shaoxing. According to the video exposed by the network at that time, the whole Xiaopeng P7 vehicle was surrounded by fire, flames were constantly coming out of the chassis, and a lot of smoke was emitting around the vehicle. Then firefighters put out the fire of the vehicle, and the rear part of the vehicle was seriously damaged. At that time, Xiaopeng official responded that no one was injured in the accident. At present, we are actively cooperating with the investigation of the relevant departments, and after on-site verification, there are obvious signs of damage caused by external impact on the vehicle chassis, and the final cause of the accident shall prevail as announced by the relevant departments.

In the previous month, a Xiaopeng P7 in Shengzhou, Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province suddenly burst into smoke and caught fire in October, and then firefighters rushed to the scene to put out the fire, causing no casualties. After investigation, the cause of the fire was that the vehicle hit a stone while turning, and the battery of the chassis was hit by an external force, resulting in heat out of control and fire. Xiaopeng official also responded to the accident: preliminary investigation, the bottom of the vehicle battery box has obvious serious bump, serious damage to the battery caused a fire.

In fact, with the rapid development of new energy vehicles. In recent years, successive fire accidents are not uncommon. However, most of the fire accidents rarely end up admitting that they are caused by the quality of their own products, so more than 95% of the fires can only be attributed to external causes. For example, after a fierce collision, the battery pack is squeezed, resulting in structural damage, resulting in fire and combustion, and so on.

Although compared with fuel vehicles, new energy vehicles have the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection, low cost and quiet driving, but the power batteries of most new energy vehicles are installed in the chassis position of the vehicle. this also makes it easy for the vehicle not to be found in time after a bump or a certain deformation, resulting in the chassis battery hit by external force, heat out of control and fire. Of course, new energy car companies are also increasing research and development investment in battery technology to reduce the occurrence of vehicle accidents. However, at present, the problem of fire after the collision of new energy vehicles still exists, in addition, because the speed of the vehicle fire is very fast, the probability of people on board to escape is almost zero. In this regard, the safety of new energy vehicles has always been concerned by the majority of consumers.

Relevant data show that Xiaopeng car P7, the model of the accident, went on sale on April 27, 2020. The new car has launched a total of 8 models with long-range rear-drive, long-range rear-drive and high-performance four-wheel drive. The range of NEDC mileage is 552km-706km and the price range is 22.99-349900. Relevant data show that the cumulative sales of Xiaopeng P7 in 2023 is 45371.

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