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Infringe upon the right of reputation! The owner of the tank 500 was awarded 150000 compensation.

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On January 19, the tank brand officially announced that Li, a tank 500 user, was finally sentenced for infringing the reputation rights of Great Wall Motor Company.

The tank brand said it recently received a final judgment on the case in which user Li violated the reputation rights of Great Wall Motor Company. the verdict is as follows: first, the defendant Li published a statement of apology to the plaintiff on Douyin and Kuaishou platform for 15 consecutive days. Second, the defendant Li compensated the plaintiff 150000 yuan within seven days from the effective date of the judgment.

The thing is, the tank 500 user Li Mou caused serious sand damage to the engine due to the use of non-original inferior air filter elements. In early March 2023, the service station entered the station for maintenance. After inspection, the service station found that the filter element used by Li Mou vehicle had no plastic support skeleton, non-woven coarse filtration, the whole filter element was stiff, and the manufacturing process was rough, resulting in the by-pass sand directly entering the engine through air filtration after the filter paper was damaged, resulting in engine damage. This kind of problem does not belong to the scope of three guarantees of maintenance, users need to repair at their own expense. Li, dissatisfied with the maintenance at his own expense, went to the 4S store to block the door and asked for low-cost maintenance. Due to failure to reach an agreement, Li went to the 4S store and put up banners at the front door of the Great Wall car trailer, and shot Douyin and Kuaishou videos to distribute to the network. Considering the high cost of engine maintenance, in April of the same year, 4S store applied for a goodwill maintenance discount from Great Wall Company, which was confirmed by Great Wall Company. However, in the follow-up communication, Li was dissatisfied with the signing plan of the preferential maintenance agreement, and continued to launch a "malicious rights protection" campaign, posting his banner video of blocking doors on the Internet, insulting the Great Wall Motor Company. Great Wall Motor sued Li for the above-mentioned behavior to the court.

The court held that Li infringed upon the reputation right of Great Wall Motor Company and vilified the commercial reputation and commodity reputation of Great Wall Motor Company with the subjective intention of infringement. Its behavior led to the decline of the social evaluation of Great Wall Motor Company, should bear the responsibility to stop the infringement, apologize, eliminate the impact and compensate for losses, and finally make such a judgment as above.

The tank brand, a high-end off-road brand owned by Great Wall, was launched in April 2021. Up to now, the models sold by the tank brand include tank 300,400,500,700. tank 500is the second SUV model of the tank brand, which was put on the market in March 2022 with a price of 33.50-395000 yuan. the car is built on a tank platform and adopts a non-load-bearing body. it is powered by the 3.0T V6 engine and 9AT gearbox independently developed by Great Wall, and the maximum power 260kw The maximum torque is 500N ·m / 1500-4500rpm, which is the first model under Great Wall to use 3.0T+9AT.

According to official figures from Great Wall Motor, the cumulative wholesale sales of Great Wall cars for the whole year of 2023 were 1230704, an increase of 15.29% over the same period last year. Among them, tank is the brand with the highest year-on-year increase among the many brands of Great Wall, with cumulative sales of 162500 vehicles, an increase of 31.21% over the same period last year. In terms of vehicle segments, there are 99900 tanks sold and 38100 tanks sold in 2023. The performance of other models is average, that is to say, tank 300 is the main selling model.

According to the plan, in addition to the above models, the follow-up tank brand will also launch tank 800 and other models, and the future products will cover the compact, medium-and large-scale and full-size "high-end cross-country SUV" market. But for tank brands, in addition to improving the product matrix, how to improve the sales of other products is also one of the important tasks of tank brands.

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