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Claim 5 million! Tu Hu sues for car ownership

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According to media reports such as and Sina Technology, Shanghai Diantu Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Tuhu car maintenance main company) filed a lawsuit with the Shanghai Minhang District people's Court, requesting an order of 5 million compensation for three defendants, including Beijing Qiguanghang Information Technology Co., Ltd. ( car maintenance main company).

According to Sina Science and Technology, the plaintiff in the above case is Shanghai Diandu Information Technology Co., Ltd., and the defendants include Beijing Century Trading Co., Ltd., Beijing Century Information Technology Co., Ltd., and Beijing Qiguangxing Information Technology Co., Ltd., among them, the defendant is the operator of Wechat official account " Automobile", Weibo " Automobile" and Wechat video number " Automobile". The second defendant is the operator of Douyin " Automobile official flagship Store"; the third defendant is the operator of " car maintenance" App.

Why did Tu Hu sue for car ownership? According to reports, the reason for the lawsuit was unfair competition. Tu Hu believed that the "shock tiger price" introduced by had an impact on the plaintiff's goodwill, and Tuhu advocated that the defendant delete the relevant expression of "shock tiger price" in all channels. According to the indictment exposed online, believed that gave a false description of the service price of Tuhu car maintenance on the official account of Wechat, Weibo, Douyin and, which was obviously derogatory and widely spread, and belonged to commercial defamation. In addition, the price of its "shock tiger price" commodity is not lower than that of the same commodity of the plaintiff, and has made false commercial publicity to the price of its commodity.

As of press time, Tu Hu has not responded to the above news.

It is understood that the above-mentioned "shock tiger price" is a marketing activity launched by of Automotive Division, with promised prices 5 per cent lower than those of competitors. To put it simply, the so-called "shock tiger price" is "promotion price".

On September 26th last year, Tuhu car maintenance was listed with a market capitalization of more than HK $22 billion, making it the first car stock in the future. On the other hand, has not been idle to keep a car. In mid-September, he launched "shock Tiger Price", covering products such as tires, maintenance, accessories and batteries, and launched global flow support for "shock Tiger Price" merchandise. "shock Tiger Price" commodities to provide more internal and external resources support. And this action is also regarded by the outside world as raising a car hard steel road tiger. At that time, some media reported that the "shock tiger price" will continue to "fight", and will continue to increase the size in the future, such as 50% discount tires, 99 yuan maintenance packages and other stronger products.

On the day of the listing of Tuhu car maintenance, Miao Qin, president of 's retail automobile division, posted congratulations on the moments: "Congratulations on the listing of friendly merchants, so that more people will pay attention to the aftermarket of the car. Recently, you have also seen that has launched the 'shock tiger price'. Here I would like to invite you to supervise that all the 'shock tiger price' products are 5% lower than their competitors!" Immediately, the matter soon sparked a heated debate, and videos and promotional content about the "shock tiger price" were also removed from the shelves because of complaints.

Since 2023, "price war" has been the key word in the automobile field. After entering 2024, the "price war" among car companies has not stopped, but has become more and more intense. As an important part of the automobile market, the competition in the automobile aftermarket is no less than the new car sales market, and the "subsidy war" and "price war" in the new car sales often appear in the automobile aftermarket. The two sides have not responded to Tuhu's lawsuit against car maintenance market, but the Interface News pointed out in the report: "the essence of 'shock tiger price' is a low price strategy, according to the available evidence. It is difficult to prove that this publicity strategy directly leads to reputation damage and property damage. User loss is mainly caused by low prices, and it is difficult to prove that it is directly related to the promotion of" shock Tiger Price "."

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