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With the launch of the new pure electric Macan, can anyone still pay the bill?

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On January 25th, Porsche's new all-electric Macan was officially unveiled in Singapore. As Porsche's second all-electric model and the first all-electric SUV, the new car is based on the PPE platform and uses a new design language with some design elements drawn from the Porsche Taycan and an interior similar to the new Porsche Caynne. It is understood that the pure electric Macan released two models, namely the Macan 4 and the Macan Turbo, both of which are equipped with 100kWh batteries and dual-motor four-wheel drive system, with a range of 613km and 591km respectively under WLTP comprehensive operating conditions.

In terms of appearance, the overall appearance of the new car is not much different from that of the current fuel version, and the biggest highlight of the front face is the use of split headlamps, which is also the first time it appears on Porsche models, and the far and near lights on both sides of the front can also be equipped with LED headlights with matrix beam. The upper part of the front face adopts the closed design common on pure electric vehicles, while the front enclosure retains a large air inlet, where the function of active air intake grille is integrated. The protruding lines on the front hatch from the daylight group increased the car's muscular sensation and became more athletic.

On the side of the body, you can see that the whole car is slimmer and more low-lying than the cash Macan. The rear part of the car body uses a slip-back styling, which looks more like a Coupe model. The biggest change in the rear is that the fixed spoiler that extends from the fuel version of the roof is "hidden" under the rear windshield, and this time it becomes an electrically adjustable rear spoiler. The outline of the through-type taillight is more simplified and has a higher degree of recognition after lighting.

In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new pure electric Macan are 4784/1938/1622mm, the wheelbase is 2893mm, and the wheelbase increases 86mm compared to the current Macan.

In terms of interior, the new car uses the same design language as the new Cayenne, with a 12.6inch curved full LCD meter, a 10.9inch central control screen, and a 10.9inch co-driver entertainment screen. The shift lever is designed on the center console on the right side of the steering wheel, while the air conditioning control panel of the secondary instrument console retains the mechanical lever to facilitate the blind operation of the driver.

The new pure electric Macan car system also supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functions. In the future, localized designs that are more in line with the habits of domestic users will be carried out, such as the introduction of more third-party App and the addition of dialect recognition function in the voice control system.

In terms of power, the pure electric Macan is equipped with 800V power system and permanent magnet synchronous motor with hairpin windings. Both Macan 4 and Macan Turbo adopt dual motor four wheel drive system, in which Macan 4 has a maximum power of 300kW and peak torque of 650Nm, while Macan Turbo has a maximum power of 470kW and peak torque of 1130 Nm.

The new pure electric Macan matches the power battery from Ningde era with a capacity of 100kWh and an available capacity of 95kWh. Macan 4 has a range of 613km under WLTP integrated conditions, while Macan Turbo has a range of 591km. At 800 volts, the maximum charging power of the new car can reach 270 kilowatts, and it takes about 21 minutes to charge from 10% to 80%, and the maximum charging power can reach 135 kilowatts at 400 volts.

The Macan is supposed to be one of Porsche's youngest models. The word "Macan" comes from the Indonesian translation of "tiger", a medium-sized SUV built on the same platform as the Audi Q5. At the end of 2013, Macan was officially launched, which combines the design elements of a number of Porsche models and successfully opened up a new market segment for Porsche. In 2014, Macan was officially introduced into China, but there were only Macan S with 3.0T V6 engine and Macan Turbo with 3.6T V6 engine at the beginning, and then the basic model with 2.0T engine was introduced.

In 2015, the Macan GTS model was officially launched. Starting in 2018, Porsche began to adjust the engines carried by the Macan, with the Macan S and GTS adjusted to 2.9T V6 and the Turbo to 3.0T V6.

It is understood that the price of the new pure electric Macan is expected to be announced at the Beijing Auto Show in April, but as the domestic 3C certification still takes some time, it may not be delivered to the consumer audience until the fourth quarter of this year. Customers who pay a deposit and sign a car purchase contract before May 31 will enjoy "early Bird privilege" for a limited time, covering priority delivery, legendary / dream / shadow body color and other courtesy.

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