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Big Oolong! Polar krypton responds to the change of 007 seconds to ET7.

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On Feb. 22, # polar krypton official Weiwei came to promote pictures # and # polar krypton responded to official Weiwei to promote figure # the topic quickly rushed to the hot search list of Weibo. The reason is that the official Weibo of Polar Krypton used the promotional pictures of rival Lulai to promote its all-electric luxury sedan.

Later, Polar Krypton deleted the Weibo and reposted Weibo saying: "the editor made a mistake. I have copied the original text 10000 times!"

The oolong incident quickly triggered extensive discussion among netizens on the Internet. In this regard, netizens mocked: "there are difficulties on one side and chaos on all sides." , "you know marketing", "this wave of operation 666", "Sauce hype? it's really a good feeling, just take it as a slippery hand, don't do it next time", "did you plan it yourself or did your extreme krypton marketing department come up with it? awesome", "is the editor dug up by fellow villagers?"...

Although the above is a mistake caused by the own incident, but it is undeniable that this incident has brought continuous heat and discussion to the polar krypton car, pushed it to the hottest part, and indeed increased the popularity of the brand to some extent.

It is understood that the polar krypton 007 is the fourth model of the polar krypton car, and it is also the first car of the polar krypton car. It was launched on December 27th, 2023, and a total of four models were launched, with a price range of 20.99-259900 yuan. Polar Krypton 007 is produced based on the PMA2+ platform under the vast architecture of SEA, positioning pure electric medium-sized car, the appearance design is obviously different from other polar krypton models on sale, the power is equipped with single motor and dual motor power system, of which the maximum power of single motor can reach 310kW, and the maximum power of motor before and after the dual motor version is 165kW and 310kW respectively. The standard continuous version of the model CLTC has a comprehensive range of 688km, and the ultra-long-lasting version of CLTC has a comprehensive range of 870km.

As the first car of Polar Krypton, its competitors include Tesla Model 3, Zhijie S7, Ji Yue 07, Xiaopeng P7, Feifan F7 and so on. Guan Haitao, CMO of polar krypton intelligent technology, previously said that polar krypton 007 will assume more responsibility. Yesterday, the polar krypton car posted on the official Weibo: "the polar krypton 007 10000 production line, to achieve 56 days of mass production of more than 10,000, extreme krypton speed, another record, polar krypton 007 has no deficiency."

Retail sales of polar krypton 007 were 857 in December 2023 and 5853 in January 2024, according to retail data.

At present, there are four models for sale: polar krypton 001, polar krypton 009, polar krypton 007 and polar krypton X. According to the data, the cumulative sales of polar krypton cars in 2023 was 118685, an increase of 65% over the same period last year, but it is still a long way from the target of 140000 vehicles, with a target completion rate of 79.12%. According to the plan, the annual sales target of polar krypton is 200000 vehicles in 2024, which means that polar krypton needs to complete an average of 16000 vehicles per month to achieve its annual sales target of 200000 vehicles.

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