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Fuel pump malfunction! 482000 cars recalled by several Japanese brands

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On January 26th, Japan's Ministry of Land and Transport announced a recall of 482000 vehicles, involving more than 30 models made by Subaru, Mazda, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Honda and Yamaha. The reason for the recall is a problem with the fuel pump made by the supplier Denso in Japan, which leads to the accumulation of resin, which in some cases may cause the engine to flameout or the hybrid motor to lose power.

It is understood that Denso is the world's second largest auto parts manufacturer, established in 1949, is spun off from Toyota's Denso factory and started independently, Toyota therefore owns its shares, and it is also an important supplier to Toyota. In November 2023, according to foreign media reports, Toyota and its two affiliates plan to sell about 10 per cent of its stake in automotive supplier Denso by the end of the year, reducing its stake in Denso, which could be worth about $4.7 billion (33.622 billion yuan). Toyota held a 24.2% stake in Denso as of the end of September and is expected to remain Denso's largest shareholder after the sale. In this regard, sources said that Denso plans to buy back some of its own shares in the open market to offset the possible impact on the stock price.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time a Japanese car company has launched a recall because of the failure of the Denso fuel pump. In November 2023, Toyota recalled 22 models and a total of nearly 330000 vehicles in the Japanese market, also due to faulty Denso fuel pumps, including improper design of the fuel pumps, which could damage the interior of the pumps if they were not used improperly, leading to fuel leaks. Toyota's wholly-owned subsidiary Dafa Industries also recalled nearly 270000 vehicles in six models in Japan.

Then in December and August, Honda also launched a recall because of problems with fuel pumps, which are made by auto parts manufacturers Denso. At the time, Honda officially announced that it would recall 1138046 vehicles in the Japanese market, covering a total of 25 models, including the N-BOX, Feido and STEP WGN, as well as 204 NSX sports cars exported to Japan by its US subsidiaries, which were manufactured between June 2017 and September 2020. The reason for the recall is that the resin density in the recall vehicle low-pressure fuel pump impeller (resin impeller) may be low, may be deformed, and eventually the impeller may come into contact with the pump cover, causing the engine to stall suddenly during driving. At that time, Honda officials said that the vehicle involved in the worst case, may cause the engine to stall, and received 422 fault reports, but fortunately there was no accident.

It is understood that the fuel pump is a part that transports fuel from the fuel tank to the engine, and a failure of this part may cause the engine to fail to start normally, or the vehicle may stall the engine during driving. Denso is the largest auto parts manufacturer in Japan, and its fuel pumps are supplied by a number of large car companies. It is understood that the car recall caused by the failure of the Denso fuel pump has affected six Japanese automakers, including Toyota, Honda, Daihatsu, Suzuki, Mazda and Subaru, including the recall of 1138046 vehicles by Honda mentioned above. Nearly 3.83 million vehicles in the Japanese market have been recalled because of the same problem.

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