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Name it "auspicious AIR"! The first car of auspicious car is released

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On January 26th, auspicious Automobile released the official picture of its first model, and officially named it auspicious AIR. The official said that the name of the new car has two meanings, which not only represents that auspicious car will extend the aviation-grade service standards and quality to the "A" in the three letters on the ground, but also stands for "Aero aircraft", meaning that it is inspired by the journey to the sky, and it turns into an inside-out, immersed in the cloud, so that the land-based private special plane design for physical and mental relaxation.

Earlier, officials revealed that the first product of auspicious car will be aimed at the global market, officially positioning it as "China's smart global car." Combined with the new car official map, the overall design style of the new car is bold and avant-garde, the design concept is based on the minimalism of aviation aesthetics, using "integrated future design", a great sense of the future, officially known as OneBox styling, and provides six body colors.

Specifically, the overall shape of the new car is relatively simple in terms of appearance. The front face adopts the enclosed grille design which is very popular in electric cars nowadays, with polygonal lamp groups on both sides. The lower encirclement is a trapezoidal air intake, and the overall design is full of a sense of the future. On the side of the body, the new car uses a very dynamic large slip back shape and a large number of curved surface design, making the vehicle look more smooth. In addition, the new car is also equipped with dense spoke-shaped rims and hidden door handle design to enhance the sense of movement of the vehicle. In the rear part, the new car is designed with a through taillight group, and above the taillight is a duckling tail spoiler, equipped with a large-size diffuser, which looks very low, and the design style echoes with the front face.

In the interior part, the new car is also simple in style, with a full LCD dashboard and a suspended central control screen, and the sub-dashboard is also equipped with a storage tank and cup holder for the mobile phone to support the wireless charging function of the mobile phone. The power parameters have not been disclosed by the official.

In August 2023, there is news in the market that Junyao Group, the parent company of auspicious Airlines, will enter the bureau to build cars and name the car brand "auspicious cars". Although auspicious Airlines did not directly announce the news at that time, Zhuhai Yucheng Investment Center, with Junyao Group as its main shareholder, has invested in new energy and new forces to build Yundu Automobile, and began to lay out the new energy automobile industry. Under the leadership of Junyao Group, Yundu Automobile has changed its name to auspicious Yundu, and the subsequent production qualification of auspicious Automobile may come from Yundu Automobile.

In November of the same year, Junyao Group, the parent company of auspicious Airlines, held a global conference on auspicious travel, officially releasing the "auspicious travel" strategy and the intelligent travel technology brand "auspicious car". At the press conference, the new LOGO and brand concept of auspicious Automobile were officially unveiled. The new LOGO is made up of "double J", much like a variant of Yundu's LOGO. Officials said that "double J" represents the two companies of Junyao Group, auspicious Airlines and auspicious cars to achieve air-land linkage, together to provide users with an one-stop travel experience, but also a combination of JUNEYAO and the English word Joyful, meaning "happy life, auspicious all the way".

Earlier, officials said that the new car will have a new intelligent electric platform developed by auspicious Automobile with independent intellectual property rights, which will be built in accordance with China-EU double five-star safety standards. It is understood that the new car will be on the market in the second quarter of 2025 and the price may be around 200000 yuan. It should be noted that nowadays the race track of new energy vehicles is becoming increasingly crowded and the competition tends to be white-hot. As a latecomer, it is difficult to predict whether auspicious cars can catch up with the dividends of the era of new energy vehicles.

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