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It is revealed that the Great Wall will launch new energy high-end cars.

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Today, according to several media reports, Great Wall plans to launch a new brand, codenamed "ZX". According to the report, the new brand will not be sold through existing channels, and its first model will be a D + high-end new energy car with a length of up to 5500mm. In addition, the report also exposed the effect of the model.

As can be seen from the exposed pictures, the new car has a slippery back shape and a slender overall body. The side of the body is equipped with large-size wheels, the wing panel and the door are L-shaped decoration, which adds a sense of movement to the whole car. The windows are also decorated with chrome-plated decoration to highlight the luxury of the vehicle. Equipped with an electronic rearview mirror to further enhance the scientific and technological sense of the vehicle. According to the disclosure, the length of the new car can reach 5500mm, which is similar to the size of Rolls-Royce Guest.

At present, Great Wall Automobile has five major automobile brands: Harvard, Tank, Euler, Wei Brand and Great Wall Gun. The Harvard brand is the backbone of Great Wall sales, accounting for more than half of Great Wall's overall sales. The data show that the Harvard brand sold 715188 vehicles last year, of which Harvard New Energy sold 77461 vehicles last year. The tank brand is the biggest growth brand for Great Wall, with cumulative sales of 162539 vehicles last year.

Euler, the pure electric brand owned by Great Wall, failed to shoulder the burden of sales, with cumulative sales of 108518 vehicles last year, down from 2022. In fact, sales of Euler's two pure electric cars, black cat and white cat, have fallen sharply since they were discontinued, and overall sales are still low, despite the subsequent launch of new cars such as ballet cats and lightning cats.

Wei Brand, a high-end brand owned by Great Wall, has also performed poorly in recent years, selling 41602 vehicles last year. In fact, sales of several Great Wall brands have been less optimistic since the beginning of the first half of 2023. Data show that Great Wall sold 519200 vehicles in the first half of 2023. Among them, the cumulative sales of Harvard brand, pickup truck and tank brand were 292600, 102600 and 58300 respectively, up 1.29%, 8.72% and 7.83% respectively over the same period last year. Sales of Wei Brand and Euler were 18200 and 47300 respectively, down 17.44 per cent and 20.00 per cent from a year earlier.

To this end, Great Wall also carried out a large-scale organizational restructuring of its entire brand last year, merging the management teams of Euler and Sharon, Wei Brand and Tank in pairs to implement dual-brand operation under their respective systems. focus on the pure electricity market, while the Harvard brand and the Great Wall pickup brand continue to operate independently.

In addition, Great Wall also named the Harvard brand "Hafron", the sales of new energy vehicle products will use independent sales channels to distinguish from fuel vehicle products. Its brands have also launched new energy products one after another, such as Harvard Owl Dragon / Owl Dragon Max, Wei Brand Blue Mountain / Alpine, Tank 400Hi4-T/500 Hi4-T and so on.

It is worth noting that with the rapid development of new energy vehicles, the sense of existence of Great Wall Automobile in the market is also gradually weakening. At present, Great Wall fuel vehicle market share is also constantly shrinking, and new energy products do not have a popular style of products, Great Wall Motor naturally urgently needs to launch new brand models.

For most car brands, the continuous launch of new cars to launch new brands is one of the effective ways to stimulate end-market sales. But it remains to be seen whether the new high-end new energy brands can open up the market. In this regard, some industry insiders pointed out that new energy vehicles are currently the shortcomings of Great Wall, and only by speeding up to make up for the shortcomings of new energy, can they stand out in the increasingly fierce competition.

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