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The price reduction led to a sharp increase in complaints! A number of popular models made the list.

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According to the statistics of the car quality Network, a total of 24233 valid complaints from car owners were accepted in March 2024, the highest number of complaints in a record month, up 57.2% from the previous month and 119.8% from the same period last year. The effective complaint information in March involved a total of 890 models, with a total of 242 models with complaints of more than double digits (including).

According to the TOP30 list of vehicle Complaints in March 2024, the top 10 brands on the list are BYD, SAIC General Motors Wuling and Geely, with complaints about "price changes". Specifically, among the top 10 models on the list, BYD made the list with eight models, including Destroyer 05, Song PLUS New Energy, Song Pro New Energy, Han, Qin PLUS, Tang New Energy, Seal and Yuan plus. The number of complaints topped the list was Destroyer 05, with 1236 complaints in March, down from 1825 in February. All the other seven TOP10 models on the list showed a month-on-month increase in complaint volume.

A BYD Han 2023 EV champion 715KM front drive honor car owner complained: "the recent behavior of BYD's continuous price reduction has had a great impact on our old car owners. The car has been picked up for less than 4 months, and the quality has been reduced by tens of thousands of yuan directly, and the new car has not only reduced the price but also increased the configuration. When I bought the car, I made a decision based on the price and market conditions at that time, but now the price continues to decline. Greatly reduced the value of my car. As an old car owner, there is no doubt about my trust and support for the brand, but this situation undoubtedly makes me feel disappointed and treated unfairly. I ask BYD to pay attention to my demands and give a reasonable compensation plan to make up for my financial losses. At the same time, I hope that BYD will take into account the interests of old car owners in its future decisions. I expect BYD to respond positively to my complaints and come up with a solution as soon as possible to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of our old car owners. " In addition, there are also a number of BYD owners: hope that BYD will make up the price difference.

In addition, Wuling Starlight, owned by SAIC GM Wuling, and Geely Galaxy L6 are also on the TOP10 list, with complaints about "price changes, improper mileage", "price changes and loud engine / motor noise".

Judging from the top 10 models complained about on the list, the main reason for the complaint is that the models are cheaper, causing dissatisfaction among old car owners, rather than quality problems with the vehicles themselves. In addition to the top 10, other models that have also been complained about price changes include Changan Yida, Teng Teng D9, Galaxy L7, Seagull and Zero C11. Among them, Seagull had 53 complaints in March, down from the previous eight models.

Since the Spring Festival of the year of the Dragon, BYD has shouted the slogan "electricity is lower than oil" and launched a number of cheaper "glory version" models, including Qin PLUS Honor version, Destroyer 05 Glory version, Dolphin Glory version, Han Family Glory version, Tang DM-i Glory version, Song PLUS Honor version, Seal DM-i Glory version, Song Pro DM-i Glory version, Yuan PLUS Honor version, Seal Glory version and so on. Among them, the prices of Qin PLUS Honor Edition and Destroyer 05 Glory Edition both start at 79800 yuan, which is 20000 yuan and 22000 yuan lower than that of 2023 models. Since then, including Wuling New Energy, Changan Qiyuan, Naha Automobile, Geely Motor and other car companies have announced price reduction sales.

After BYD's price reduction, the exchange of price for volume has become an effective means for BYD to boost sales. BYD sold 302459 vehicles wholesale in March, up 46 per cent from a year earlier, according to official figures. Because of market competition, it is understandable for car companies to speed up the renewal of vehicle products and change the price. "price change" is also very common in the automobile circle. Since 2023, "price war" has become the main theme of the automobile industry. But objectively speaking, consumers' money is not blown by strong winds, and price changes are indeed easy to cause dissatisfaction and negative emotions among old car owners. Especially the price reduction, if the car companies can not appease the old car owners in time, it will easily make the old car owners unbalanced, for this reason, some car owners will also provide some compensation for the rights and interests of the old car owners.

Looking back on the list, Japanese car companies are also the hardest hit areas in the "TOP30 list of vehicle complaints in March 2024". FAW Toyota RAV4 Rongfang, Ruizhi, Crown and Corolla were all on the list. RAV4 Rongfang was complained to 11th on the list because of "car body rust; system upgrade problems". The latter three were all old problems-"instrument cracking; parts aging". Guangzhou Automobile Toyota Camry and Leiling were also on the list. Camry was 22nd on the list because of "system upgrade problems, abnormal skylight noise", with 38 complaints in March; Dongfeng Nissan Teana and Xuanyi were complained about "system upgrade problems; audio-visual system failure"; and Dongfeng Honda Civic was complained about "tire cracking; tire peeling", with 54 complaints.

In addition to the above models, two FAW-Volkswagen models have also been complained about, namely, Maiteng and Suiteng, respectively, for "gearbox computer board failure; gearbox fault light is on"; "tyre cracking, engine / motor jitter".

Automobile as a large amount of consumer goods, complaints are directly related to the safety and quality of consumers, so they have been concerned by consumers. Judging from the whole complaint list in March, in the "TOP30 list of vehicle Complaints in March 2024", the number of complaints from independent brands continued to rise, rising by 59.9% month-on-month, accounting for 1.1%. Both the number of complaints and the proportion set a new historical record. Among them, more than 60% of the complaints came from plug-in hybrid models. On the contrary, the proportion of joint venture brand complaints fell to the lowest point in nearly four years.

From the perspective of the country of automobile brands, the number of complaints of all national brands increased to varying degrees in March compared with the previous month, with Korean brands becoming the biggest national brands, up 62.4% from February. The number of complaints from independent, American, Japanese and German brands also increased by more than 50% month-on-month, of which the number of complaints from German brands reached the highest point in nearly half a year.

According to the overall list, most of the models complained about in March were popular models in the car market, and the focus of the complaints was mainly on "price changes". According to the car quality network data, some car owners feedback to the car quality network, not long after the car was picked up, they encountered official price cuts by car companies and suffered economic losses for no reason, believing that car companies infringed on consumers' right to know and choose. As of press time, there are still a large number of car owners' demands for this problem have not been properly resolved by car companies.

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