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Out of the oven! The ideal car was asked to overtake.

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On February 1, the major new power car companies released monthly delivery data as scheduled. Judging from the ranking list of the "Tramway report" statistics, in the "Wei Xiaoli" camp, the differences among ideal cars, Weilai cars and Xiaopeng cars are very obvious, especially the distance between ideal cars and Xiaopeng cars is very different. In addition, in the list, the delivery volume of Zero cars and Naga cars both exceeded 10,000 in January, of which Naga Automobile is the only car company on the list that has achieved year-on-year and month-on-month growth.

Data show that 31165 ideal cars were delivered in January, an increase of 105.83% over the same period last year and a month-on-month decline of 38.11%. At present, ideal car models on sale include ideal L9 with 40-500000 yuan, ideal L8 with 30-400000 yuan and ideal L7 with 30-400000 yuan. All three models are hot-selling products. Ideal Automotive officials say this year will be an unprecedented year for ideal cars, with four extended-range models and four pure electric models, as well as eight highly competitive product combinations to meet the needs of home users. Among them, the ideal MEGA model will be delivered on March 1, which is the fourth model under the ideal car and the first MPV model, and is expected to sell for less than 600000 yuan.

While announcing the delivery volume, ideal Automobile officials reiterated: "this year will challenge the annual delivery of 800000 vehicles to achieve the goal of top sales of luxury car brands in the Chinese market." Previously, ideal car CEO Li Xiang has expressed confidence that he will challenge the sales of Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi in China ahead of time in 2024, and will strive to become the No. 1 luxury brand by sales in 2024. As for the annual sales target for 2024, Li also said: "the 2023 target has all been achieved: 376000, 50000, 20000, 300. challenge higher goals in 2024: 800000, 100000, 30000, 2000. In other words, the ideal car delivery target for the whole year is 800000. Judging from the sales in the first month, it is very difficult for ideal car to achieve its target of 800000 vehicles.

In January, Xilai ranked third with 10055 deliveries, up 18.21% from a year earlier and down 44.18% from a month earlier. Compared with ideal car and Xiaopeng car, Lulai has many products, but there are no popular models at present. Take the retail sales in December 2023 as an example, the highest-selling model is ES6, which is 6943, ET5T and EC6 are 3331 and 2887 respectively, ET5 is 2167, and the rest is less than 2000. This also means that Xilai urgently needs to launch more convincing products in the market.

On January 25, Weilai released the 2024 version of worry-free service products, in which the biggest change is to bind insurance and service fees, using the car insurance + service charging model, which is divided into premium version, enjoyable version and light version. The prices are 4999 yuan / year, 1399 yuan / year and 499 yuan / year respectively. In this regard, Li Bin said, "this year to be careful, this year Wei to the general direction is cost management." before the acquisition of an insurance agency, the insurance rebate is all converted into the cost, the light version and the happy version can earn a little, the top version of the premium version is not necessarily, the previous service worry-free must be a loss, if the user base is large, it is indeed difficult to sustain. "

In January, Xiaopeng delivered 8250 cars, an increase of 58.11 percent over the same period last year and a decrease of 58.98 percent from the previous month. In other words, Xiaopeng Motor delivered more than 20,000 vehicles for three months in a row, and then fell out of the 10,000 class again. At the same time, it also ranked last on the list of new forces in January.

It is worth mentioning that after entering 2024, Xiaopeng's action has not slowed down. On January 22, the media reported that under the leadership of Wang Fengying, president of Xiaopeng, a new round of organizational restructuring of Xiaopeng involves marketing, human resources, intelligent data, manufacturing and product planning. Zhang Li, the former general manager of Great Wall, joined Xiaopeng a few months ago to take over from Jiang Ping, who has retired. Jiang Ziyang, who once worked as a senior positioning consultant at Reese Strategy, joined Xiaopeng Automobile and was in charge of product planning, previously headed by Wu Meng. Two days later, that is, January 24, Xiaopeng announced that from now on to February 29, 2024, the purchase of Xiaopeng P7i entry model can enjoy a limited time discount price of 208900 yuan (guidance price of 223900 yuan), purchase P7i wing performance version, can enjoy 50, 000 yuan time-limited subsidy, benefits as low as 289900 yuan.

According to the official website, Xiaopeng car models currently on sale include Xiaopeng P7, P5, G3i, G9, P7i, X9, of which the X9 is Xiaopeng's sixth production car and its first MPV. As the flagship model under Xiaopeng's "supporting and shaking" structure, the new car is located in a medium and large MPV with a pure electric power system on the power. a total of 4 models have been launched with a price range of 359800 yuan to 419800 yuan.

Officials said that Xiaopeng X9 delivered 2478 vehicles in the first month, of which nearly 70% of the Max version was purchased. At present, it is stepping up efforts to increase Xiaopeng X9 production capacity and speed up the delivery of on-hand orders. In response, he Xiaopeng, chairman of Xiaopeng Motor, said in a post on Weibo: "there was a backlog of tens of thousands of X9 orders in January, and the supply of G9 was also affected." And stressed that "We will try our best to work overtime during the Spring Festival, and we will certainly increase our production capacity quickly."

In addition to "Wei Xiaoli", zero-running cars also achieved the delivery performance of more than 10,000 vehicles in January. 12277 zero-running cars were delivered in January, an increase of 977.88% month-on-month and 34.06% higher than the same period last year. More than 23500 cars have been booked for Zero's first global model, the C10, which went on sale on January 10, officials said. All the cars on display have arrived at the store, the test drive will begin in February, and the new car will be officially delivered in March. The new car is based on the "four-leaf clover" central integrated electronic and electrical architecture, positioning medium-sized SUV, providing both pure electricity and extended range power, of which the pre-price of the extended-range version is 15.18-181800 yuan, and the pre-price of the pure electric version is 15.58-185800 yuan.

In January, Naju delivered a total of 10032 cars, an increase of 66.76% over the same period last year and 95.37% month-on-month growth. It is the only car company on the list that has achieved double year-on-year growth. According to the previous statistics of Automotive Industry concern, Naha delivered a total of 127496 new cars in 2023, down 16.16% from the same period last year, of which only 5135 were delivered in December 2023, ranking at the bottom for six consecutive months. After entering 2024, Zhang Yong, CEO of Nashi Automobile, made a summary and reflection on the poor performance in 2023, pointing out that there are five major problems in the operation of Naha Automobile in 2023. On January 19th, Zhang Yong, co-founder and president of CEO and marketing company, announced a global sales target of 300000 vehicles for 2024, including 200000 in China and 100000 overseas. As to whether Naha can achieve its annual sales target in 2024 on schedule, "Auto Industry focus" will also continue to pay attention.

Judging from the delivery in January, the homes of the three car companies of Wei Xiaoli are getting farther and farther away, although the ideal car is still ahead of Lulai and Xiaopeng, but Huawei's AITO question also makes the ideal car feel the pressure. According to the data, 32973 new cars were delivered in January, an increase of 34.76% over the previous month, becoming the monthly sales champion of new power brands in the Chinese market for the first time, which also means that ideal cars have been asked to surpass. Among the subdivided models, the new M7 delivered 31253 vehicles, but the monthly delivery of the M9 and M5 models was less than 1800.

In addition to the above-mentioned car companies, other new energy vehicle brands have also released the latest sales figures. In January, BYD sold 201493 new energy vehicles, up 33.14% from a year earlier and down 40.92% from a month earlier. Among them, 105304 pure electric models were sold and 95715 plug-in hybrids were sold.

12537 polar krypton cars were delivered in January, an increase of 302.34% over the same period last year. So far, polar krypton cars have a total of four models: polar krypton 001, polar krypton 009, polar krypton X and polar krypton 007. According to the plan, polar krypton will launch a SUV model with the internal code name CX1E. In addition, polar krypton 001 will be revamped in the third quarter of 2024. In addition, 7041 Lantu cars were delivered in January, an increase of 354.84 percent over the same period last year.

According to the comprehensive list, whether it is car-building new power car companies or other new energy car companies, most car companies are showing a significant month-on-month decline, which is mainly related to the impact on sales by car companies near the end of December 2023. "January 2024 is approaching the Spring Festival," the Federation said. "compared with the booming sales situation at the end of the year, the heat of the car market has obviously cooled down." In addition, the Federation pointed out: "due to the expiration of the consumption promotion policy last year, a new round of subsidy policy has not yet been fully introduced, resulting in a heavy wait-and-see mood among consumers. January car sales fell short of expectations, and dealer sales pressure increased."

It should be noted that after entering 2024, the major car companies have given more ambitious sales targets, while the new energy vehicle industry accelerates the survival of the fittest, in this context, the competition among car companies will become more and more fierce. According to the latest data from the Federation of passengers, retail sales in the domestic passenger car market were 1.708 million units from January 1 to 28, up 64 per cent from a year earlier and down 15 per cent from a month earlier. The federation had expected the retail market for narrow passenger cars to be about 2.2 million in January, down 6.5 per cent from the previous month.

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