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Cooperation upgrade! It is said that Zhijie has been upgraded to Chery's independent business department.

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Today, according to media reports, Chery has strengthened its cooperation with Huawei. Chery has further upgraded the Wisdom Division to an independent business department, adopting independent accounting and independent management, and is responsible for comprehensively carrying out intellectual brand product competitiveness development, business operation, investment and development management. At present, the size of the department is more than 2500.

According to a person familiar with the matter, the purpose of establishing an independent business department is to better promote the product competitiveness of the LUXEED intellectual brand and the needs of production and management.

Chery announced a partnership with Huawei in 2022 to develop a smart electric car brand, and plans to launch five high-end smart electric models in 2023, according to relevant data. People familiar with the matter have disclosed to the media that Chery attaches great importance to the Wisdom project, and thousands of engineers have been involved in the project. In addition, in terms of investment. Chery has invested billions of dollars. For its part, Huawei has also invested a lot of manpower in the project, involving talents in product development, smart car solutions, quality control management and other fields.

The first model, the Zhijie S7, went on sale on November 28 last year, positioning a medium-sized pure electric sedan, launching a total of four models with an official guiding price of 249800-349800 yuan. As for the evaluation of the new car, Huawei Yu Chengdong has said that the Wisdom S7 will surpass the Model S in all specifications. As the first model launched by both sides, the Zhijie S7 was quickly favored by the market after its launch. Data show that the Wisdom S7 received more than 10,000 orders in two days of pre-sale.

It is worth noting that although there are many orders for the S7, it also faces the problem of delivery delay. Although officials have offered care subsidies for the delayed delivery of the intellectual S7, there are more and more rumors in the market that the cooperation between the two sides has changed. There is also news that Chery executives resigned because of the delay in the delivery of the S7 model.

A few days ago, Jin Yibo, a spokesman for Chery, responded to these rumors: the online rumors are not true and the cooperation between the two sides is smooth. He also said that the rumored departure of senior executives in the market was not due to the resignation of the cooperative project. Finally, it is pointed out that in order to provide users with the best products and services, Chery and Huawei are fully promoting the production and delivery of S7 in the intellectual world, have invested more resources, and will continue to deepen cooperation.

Yu Chengdong once said that in the era of intelligent cars, only giants have enough resources to invest, and it is very difficult for ordinary companies to survive in a "more voluminous" market. BYD is stable, and others want to live, they have to follow Huawei. Judging from the response of Chery spokesman Jin Yibo, there is a high probability that the cooperation between the two sides will continue to deepen cooperation. After all, at present, the market competition has become more and more fierce, and many new car-building forces have also cooperated with multinational car companies to improve their competitiveness. For example, Xiaopeng Motor cooperates with Volkswagen, Zero Motor cooperates with Stellantis Group, and so on.

Under the background of intelligent electrification, Chery chose to cooperate with Huawei to reshape its market position. According to the official plan, the second model of the Wisdom brand will go on sale in the second half of this year, with the internal code name EHY, known as "large Model Y". In terms of the rhythm of the cooperative product launch, the progress of the smart car selection business between the two sides is also accelerating. In the follow-up, it remains to be seen whether intellectual brands can stand out in the new round of competition.

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