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The latest list of complaints in January!

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According to the latest disclosure data of "Car Quality Network," 14,053 valid complaints from car owners were accepted in January 2024, setting a record for the same period in history, down 5.4% month-on-month and up 85.6% year-on-year. From the list, compared with the past, the main brand of complaints is still Toyota, but other brands have also been added, including Chang 'an, Geely, Beiqi, Chery and Haval.

According to the list of top ten complaints, Toyota is the brand with the most models on the complaint list, including FAW Toyota/GAC Toyota, 5 models in total have been complained by a large number of owners, among which Carola, Rayling, Fenglanda and Carola Ruifang have been complained of engine/motor exhaust failure and high fuel consumption, mainly concentrated in 2023 models, because the particle catcher is blocked, resulting in weak acceleration, increased fuel consumption and gear shift failure of vehicles.

Particulate traps first appeared on diesel vehicles to capture harmful particulate emissions from automobile exhaust and burn them out during operation. According to the national VI B emission standard, the carbon monoxide emitted by gasoline vehicles per kilometer shall not exceed 500 mg, non-methane hydrocarbons shall not exceed 35 mg, nitrogen oxides shall not exceed 35 mg, and pm fine particulate matter shall not exceed 3 mg. Therefore, in order to meet the requirements, some automobile enterprises have installed particle traps on the engine, which is cheaper than upgrading the engine technology, but the cost needs to be borne by consumers, resulting in increased fuel consumption, weak acceleration, gear shift failure and so on.

This complaint has a long history, but because FAW Toyota and GAC Toyota have not responded to the blocking problem of particle traps, the number of related complaints is still increasing, prompting Toyota related models to dominate the complaint list for a long time. As for RAV4 Rongfang, the first complaint, the main complaint problem is body rust, mainly concentrated in 2019-2022 model year, the number of complaints is not a lot, indicating that it is not a case, but FAW Toyota has not given a response yet.

Chang 'an Automobile entered the top ten models is Auchan X7 PLUS, the main complaint problem is system upgrade problem/audio and video system failure. Some car owners complained that Auchan X7 PLUS has not been upgraded for a full year and a half, the mobile phone screen projection function only supports Huawei Hicar and the delay is serious, and the app store actually only offers baby bus downloads. Of all Chang 'an models, only the X7 PLUS is in such a state, all Auchan brand passenger cars offer OTA upgrades, only the X7 PLUS does not. Isn't that discrimination?

The number of complaints about Geely Galaxy L7 soared, from 8 in December 2023 to 116 in January, with price changes and inaccurate mileage as the main complaints. It is understood that Geely Galaxy L7 was launched in May 2023, with a price range of 1387 - 173,700 yuan. It is equipped with a plug-in hybrid system composed of 1.5T engine +3 DHT gearbox. The comprehensive range of CLTC operating conditions is 1370km. Competitors lock BYD Song PLUS DM-i and other models. In order to improve the competitiveness of its products and welcome the arrival of the New Year, Geely Automobile launched a preferential car purchase policy for Galaxy L7, but this move is not friendly to users who have just picked up the car and considers it unfair to customers.

Overall, January compared with previous months on the list of models and brands problems are nothing new, especially Toyota brand, means that car companies to consumer complaints processing efficiency is low, pain point resolution efforts are insufficient, if the official does not clearly respond to this problem, I am afraid Toyota brand dominance situation will continue. Other brands are mainly focused on price changes and vehicle updates. With the intensification of competition pressure in the automobile market, more and more brands launch preferential new policies for car purchase, which is easy to generate bad mood for users who have just bought cars, thus causing complaints; the OTA of the vehicle system is not updated in time, which affects the daily experience of users, and is also the hardest hit area for users to complain.

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