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BYD's new car plans are suspected to have been exposed.

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Recently, a timeline picture about the launch of various models of BYD Ocean Network was exposed on the Internet. From the exposed pictures, we can see that BYD Ocean Network added "coral" model.

At the same time, the launch time of various models of Ocean net also shows in this picture, specifically, the dolphin replacement four-link addition will be available in February, the frigate 07 will be added to the market in March, the Sea Lion EV will be released at the Beijing Auto Show in April, the Seal EV in June will be renovated, the destroyer 06 will be released, the Coral (Ocean net version Song Pro) in July, the Song PLUS second generation release in August, the Seal 5 release in September, and the Seal DM-i listing in October.

In addition, Auto House also reported today that according to some product plans of the BYD brand in 2024, "Coral" models have been added to Ocean Network, and a number of new cars will be launched this year. In the future, the warship series of BYD Ocean Network may be uniformly adjusted to the marine life series IP.

Relevant information shows that: BYD's total layout of dynasty net, ocean net, momentum, look up and equation leopard brand. Among them, the sales of Ocean Network and Dynasty Network are the main sources of BYD's sales. According to the data, Ocean net sold 98132 vehicles in January, while Chao net sold 86956 vehicles in January. For reference, BYD sold 201493 vehicles in January. Ocean net is a brand-new product sales network launched by BYD in 2021, focusing on markets below 300000 yuan. Subdivided into marine life series, warship series and e series products, according to the product layout plan, marine life series is pure electric model, while warship series is plug-in hybrid model, all products will be equipped with DM-i hybrid system, with cars, SUV and MPV models.

Last July, BYD Ocean Network Seal DM-i released that the car is actually a brand new model destroyer 07. In September of the same year, Seal DM-i was launched, positioning medium-sized cars, a total of six new models were launched, with a price of 166800-236800 yuan. With the launch of the Seal DM-i, it also means that BYD Seal will have both pure electricity and plug-in power in the future, and the emergence of the Seal DM-i has also changed this situation.

At present, BYD Ocean Network has seagulls, Song PLUS champion version, dolphin, poster, destroyer 05 champion version, frigate 07, 2023 e2 and other models. Among them, seagulls, Song PLUS champions and dolphins are the sales pillars of Ocean net. Figures show that sales of the three models in January were 36447, 28708 and 18905 respectively.

It is worth noting that from the network exposure of the BYD Ocean Network model, there are many models have been exposed on the network. For example, the seal 06 DM-i model appears in the latest MIIT declaration catalogue. It is understood that the model will be sold by Ocean Network in the future. According to the contents of the announcement, according to the battery capacity and motor power, Seal 06 will provide two power versions. Among them, equipped with 10.08kWh battery version of the model, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (WLTC) pure electric mileage of 60km; equipped with 15.874kWh battery version of the model, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (WLTC) pure electric mileage can reach 90km.

In addition, the sea lion EV 07 was also unveiled at last year's Guangzhou Auto Show, with the new car positioned as a medium-sized SUV. According to news on the market, the first model of the sea lion 07 EV or the sea lion IP, the new car will be built on the e-platform 3.0 and will be launched at the Beijing Auto Show in April.

According to the official plan, BYD aims to sell 4.5 million vehicles in 2024, an increase of 1.5 million compared with last year, and its sales will further increase with the continuous layout of BYD's new models, but it will take time to see whether it can finally meet this year's sales target.

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