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It's up! Sales of Great Wall Motor released in January

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On February 6th, Great Wall Automobile released its production and marketing KuaiBao in January this year. KuaiBao showed that Great Wall sold 104030 vehicles in January, up 69.06 from a year earlier, of which 25030 were new energy vehicles. Production in January was 95873 units, an increase of 74.8 per cent over the same period last year.

According to the data released by Great Wall Motor, all the major brands have achieved varying degrees of growth. Among them, the sales of Harvard brand increased by 50.8%, WEY brand by 217.33%, Great Wall pickup by 32.41%, Euler brand by 63.25%, and tank brand by 239.26%, which is the biggest increase under Great Wall.

Specifically, the Harvard brand, the backbone of Great Wall sales, sold 59103 vehicles in January, accounting for more than half of Great Wall's total sales. Harvard's sales of new energy reached 6005, up 276.25%. Of course, the growth of Harvard New Energy sales is inseparable from the launch of new products. In fact, sales of the Harvard brand were not ideal from January to April last year, with data showing that the Harvard brand sold a total of 178037 vehicles from January to April 2023, down 9.11% from a year earlier.

To this end, Great Wall last year named the Harvard brand "Hafron", the sales of new energy vehicle products will use independent sales channels to distinguish from fuel vehicle products. Last year, a number of new energy vehicles such as Harvard second-generation Big Dog and Harvard Owl Dragon / Owl Dragon MAX were launched one after another. In May last year, Harvard Owl Dragon / Owl Dragon MAX went public, in which Harvard Owl Dragon positioned as a compact SUV, focusing on the mainstream consumer market, with a price range of 13.98-156800 yuan. Qiaolong MAX locates medium-sized SUV, focusing on the high-end market, with a price range of 15.98-179800 yuan. With the blessing of the new product, Harvard's sales have also been boosted to some extent. However, the sales of new energy under the Harvard brand alone need to be improved.

Wei Brand, a high-end brand owned by Great Wall, sold 3351 vehicles in January, up 217.33 per cent from a year earlier. Relevant data show that Wei Brand, founded in 2016, is the first high-end brand launched by Great Wall Motor. It was first named after "VV+ Digital", and the launch of VV5, VV6 and VV7 models ushered in a highlight period. According to the data, the annual sales of WEY from 2017 to 2018 were 86000 and 139500 respectively, but the good times did not last long, and then declined in successive years, falling to 100000 and 78500 respectively from 2019 to 2020, down 28.28% and 21.53% respectively from the same period last year.

Great Wall made a strategic adjustment to Wei Brand in 2021, releasing a number of coffee models such as Mocha, Macchiato and Latte, but the launch of the new model did not improve Wei Brand sales. Last year, Wei Brand once again launched new models such as "Blue Mountain DHT-PHEV", Wei brand Gaoshan, Alpine DHT-PHEV and so on. From the sales data of Wei Brand last year, we can see that most of the sales come from Blue Mountain models. However, since September last year, Blue Mountain DHT-PHEV sales performance has also begun to decline. For Wei Brand, the growth of sales is still very limited by relying solely on the Lanshan model.

Tank brand is the biggest growth brand of Great Wall, with sales of 20067 vehicles in January, an increase of 239.26% over the same period last year. At present, the models of tanks on sale are Tank 300,400, Tank 500 and Tank 700Hi4-T, among which Tank 300 is the main selling model. In December, for example, 5670 tanks were sold, compared with 92921 last year. In January, the basic version of the tank's 700Hi4-T model was pre-sold. Among them, the pre-sale price of the extreme version is 468000 yuan, and the pre-sale price of the polar version is 508000 yuan. With the arrival of new models, the sales of tank brands are expected to further increase.

Euler sold 6001 new cars in January, up 63.25% from a year earlier. The growth of the Euler brand in January may have something to do with the official launch of discounts. In January, the Euler brand offered cash discounts for its popular models, such as Euler good Cat, Lightning Cat and good Cat GT Mulan version, in which Euler good Cat and good Cat GT Mulan version can enjoy cash discount of up to 22000 yuan, while Euler Lightning Cat has a cash discount of 30, 000 yuan. Finally, Great Wall pickup trucks sold 15466 vehicles in January, an increase of 32.41% over the same period last year, most of which came from Great Wall cannons. The Great Wall cannon sold 10282 vehicles in January.

Taken together, the five major brands of Great Wall Motor all achieved year-on-year sales growth in January. According to the official plan, the annual target for this year is 1.9 million vehicles, and only 5.4 per cent of the annual sales target has been achieved. At present, Great Wall Motor's share of fuel vehicles in the market is shrinking, while there are no popular models for new energy products. Great Wall Motor will also face some challenges if it wants to meet its sales target of 1.9 million.

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