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Deep Blue S7 was exposed to consume more than 24 liters of fuel for 100 kilometers. Official response

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Recently, some netizens posted a video on the Douyin platform saying that the Deep Blue S7 they bought consumes up to 100 kilometers and 30 liters of fuel while driving, which immediately attracted the attention of many netizens. At present, the video cannot be searched.

In response to the rumor yesterday, Deng Chenghao, CEO of Deep Blue Automobile, responded that the video of Deep Blue S7's energy consumption and fuel consumption spread through the network is completely different from his own energy consumption experience, and it is recommended to clarify. At the same time, it also said that if you can reach the fuel consumption of 30L/100km and 24L/100km in normal urban areas and high speed, you will buy the car back personally, and then buy a new car for users. Subsequently, Deng Chenghao also posted his own deep blue 03 power consumption data chart.

Deng Chenghao's response also made many netizens participate in the discussion. Some netizens commented: it is impossible for anyone with a little common sense to say that the fuel consumption of a current SUV model can be so high. This is the fuel consumption of a large diesel truck, not to mention the Deep Blue S7 or Taiwan extended range model. Under normal circumstances, even in winter in the northeast, whether in the urban area or on the highway, even if the driver's driving skills are no longer good, there is no way to drive such fuel consumption! This kind of model is the most fuel-efficient, especially when running at high speed.

In addition, some netizens also listed a formula to prove that 24.77LT151.51 km=16L/100km, including 14.4 kilowatt-hours of electricity for air conditioners and 27.31 kilowatt-hours of electricity for charging the battery, are all fuel consumption. Some professional automotive media commented that the Deep Blue S7 has been tested at a high speed from Beijing to Weihai. It is absolutely impossible for its fuel consumption to reach 30 liters per hundred kilometers. Even if we drive at high speed, suddenly fast and then slow, three people on the bus and luggage, we will never reach this number.

In the early hours of this morning, Deng Chenghao posted again that he took advantage of the night after work to send his parents-in-law back to Yibin and did a long-distance high-speed fuel consumption measurement. The whole speed was under 120km/h, and the average speed was about 100km/h, mainly using IACC. At the same time, it is pointed out that there are many problems in the 30-liter video with fuel consumption of 100 kilometers released by the netizen. It said that during the period from 13:36 on December 22nd to 22:26 on December 31st, the vehicle drove a total of 20 times and traveled a total of 7-8 km of 151.5km, with a cumulative fuel consumption of 24.77L. During this period, the cumulative use time of the vehicle is 18.44 hours, of which the driving time is only 6.1 hours, and the vehicle in-situ use time reaches 12.34 hours. Finally, he said that I believe everyone knows very well what the actual situation is.

Early this morning, Shenzhen Blue legal Department officials also issued an article saying that the data of Deep Blue S7 fuel consumption 30L/100KM and 24.77L/100KM on the Internet are not true, and that the video vehicle drove a total of 24.77 litres of fuel during the period from 13:36 on December 22 to 22:26 on December 31, with a total fuel consumption of 24.77 litres. Officials also pointed out that the video vehicle has a special trajectory, driving a total of 20 151.5km trips of 7-8 km between 13:36 on Dec. 22 and 22:26 on Dec. 31. During this period, the cumulative use of vehicles is 18.44 hours, driving time is 6.1 hours, and in-situ use time is 12.34 hours.

Finally, officials said: although the video author has deleted the relevant video, it has actually caused harm to the Deep Blue brand. For some organized and deliberate smear actions of the Black Water Army under unknown facts, Deep Blue will reserve the right to take legal measures.

In this regard, some netizens commented: believe in the data, respect the facts! Another netizen said: as the first batch of dark blue car owners, they often run on the Jiangsu-Zhejiang-Shanghai highway, and the dark blue SL03 has a flat speed of 105 per hour and fuel consumption will not exceed 5.5.

Data show that Deep Blue S7 is the second mass production model under Deep Blue Automobile, which is based on EPA1 platform. The new car positioning medium-sized SUV, launched on June 25 last year, launched a total of five models with a price range of 14.99-202900 yuan, with power to provide hybrid and pure electric models. The data show that the cumulative sales of the Deep Blue S7 in 2023 are 51390.

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