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Dongfeng e π 007 listed, 15.96-199600 yuan

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On February 14, the price of Dongfeng Pai e π 007 was officially announced. the new car offers 1.5L extended range and pure electric version, which is priced at 15.96-199600 yuan. The pure electric version will be officially delivered in March, while the extended range version will be delivered in August. It is understood that Dongfeng e π 007 is based on Dongfeng quantum architecture and locates large cars in new energy sources. The whole car is designed in sedan style.

In terms of appearance, the Dongfeng Yipai e π 007 has a simple overall design style, using the common closed front face shape of new energy models, and the conventional penetrating front encirclement below also enhances the hierarchical sense of the front face. At the same time, the shape of the Dongfengyi e π 007 lamp group is very exaggerated, and the lamp cavity is equipped with 104LED light source and lens, which can also bring high recognition after lighting. It is understood that Dongfeng Yipai e π 007 will provide seven body colors: orchid purple, morning white, stream lime, spruce green, Xiangyang gold, night shadow black and stream lime.

On the side of the car body, the Dongfeng Yi Pai e π 007 adopts the shape of the car body and the now popular hidden door handle, and some models can also be equipped with electric scissors doors to support a variety of opening modes such as voice, intelligent keys and large screen touch control in the car. Each door is equipped with double ultrasonic radar to actively prevent clamping and avoid obstacles in the process of door opening and closing. In terms of size, its length, width and height are 4880mm/1895mm/1460mm and wheelbase 2915mm respectively. In the rear part, the Dongfeng Yi Pai e π 007 adopts the through-type taillight group, the through-type red component is added at the bottom of the lamp group to enhance the vitality, and some models also have electric rear wings, which can automatically rise and recover with the speed and scene mode.

When entering the car, the overall design of the Dongfeng Yi Pai e π 007 is relatively simple, canceling a large number of physical buttons, the car is equipped with an 8.8-inch LCD meter and a 15.6-inch central control screen, and the physical keys are retained under the steering wheel and the central control screen. the flat-bottomed steering wheel can also bring a good sense of movement, and the car is also equipped with an one-button combat mode, which will be flipped when turned on. Thus showing a more sporty cockpit atmosphere. The Dongfeng e π 007 car engine system is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip, and some models also provide 8-point massage seats, intelligent fragrance system, 64-color surround situational rhythm atmosphere lights and other configurations.

Power system, Dongfeng Yipai e π 007 offers extended range version and pure electric version to choose from. Among them, the extended range version uses 1.5L range extender, the maximum power of the rear motor is 160kW, the peak torque is 310N ·m, it is equipped with 28.39kWh lithium ferric phosphate battery, the acceleration time of 0-100km/h is 7.2s, the pure electric mileage of CLTC condition is 200km, and the total mileage is 1200km.

The pure electric version provides two sets of power systems: single-motor rear-drive and dual-motor four-wheel drive. Among them, the maximum motor power of 530Pro rear drive model is 160kW, the peak torque is 310Nm, the battery capacity of lithium iron phosphate battery is 56.83kWh, and the pure electric mileage of CLTC is 530km; the maximum power of motor of 620Pro rear drive model is 200kW, the peak torque is 320Nm, the battery capacity of lithium iron phosphate is 70.3kwh, and the pure electric mileage of CLTC is 620km. 540 four-wheel drive MAX version of the motor comprehensive maximum power of 400kW, peak torque of 640Nm, lithium iron phosphate battery capacity of 70.3kWh, CLTC pure electric mileage of 540km.

Dongfeng e π is a new new energy vehicle brand launched by Dongfeng Motor, which was released in November 2023, focusing on the market of 150000-200000 yuan. As its first production car, Dongfeng Yipai e π 007locates medium and large cars with a price of 15.96-199600 yuan. It uses a combination of extended range and pure electric power. Competitors include Zero C01, Nezha S and Changan Qiyuan A07. In addition, such as BYD Han, Galaxy E8 and so on, combined with price and body size, it will also face competition from some medium-sized cars, such as dark blue SL03, seals and so on.

According to the official plan, Dongfeng e π will launch 10 models within three years, covering pure electricity and extended range, to achieve full coverage of the mainstream market, while it remains to be seen whether Dongfeng e π 007 and its follow-up products can achieve a breakthrough in the market.

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