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Will be introduced into China, medium-term change Carola Cross release

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A few days ago, the new Carola Cross made its debut in Thailand. As a medium-term revamped model, the appearance and interior of the new Corolla Cross have been upgraded, with 1.8L fuel version and 1.8L HEV hybrid version optional. It is understood that the new Corolla Cross in Thailand offers four configurations, of which the entry level is 1.8L gasoline version, the rest are 1.8L HEV oil-electric version, the new car prices 999000 to 1254000 baht.

The Corolla Cross model was launched in 2020 and built on the TNGA-C platform. This release is a medium-term revamped model. In terms of appearance, the biggest change of the new Corolla Cross is the front face, which uses a borderless front grille with a honeycomb interior, and the LED headlamp group also adopts a new design style with streamlined directional lights. In addition, the internal structure of the taillight is also adjusted and a new cement gray metal car paint is added. It is worth noting that the new Corolla Cross also offers URBAN PRESTIGE kits and GR SPORT model options, which is more dynamic than the standard version.

In terms of interior decoration, the new Carola Cross central control screen has been upgraded to 10.1in, with optional 7-inch and 12.3inch dashboards. In addition, it also provides panoramic skylight, smart phone wireless charging, wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto interconnection, dual-zone air conditioning and other configurations. In the driving assistance function, the new car also adds BSM rearview mirror blind spot warning, RCTA reversing warning, tire pressure monitoring system, panoramic (PVM) 360 °monitoring, front and rear distance alarm, driving recorder and electronic parking.

In terms of power, the new Corolla Cross offers 1.8L fuel version and 1.8L HEV hybrid version, of which 1.8L fuel version has a maximum power of 140hp (103kW) and maximum torque of 172Nm, matching CVT gearbox; 1.8L HEV hybrid version has a comprehensive power of 122hp (90kW), which matches e-CVT gearbox.

In China, the Corolla Cross will be listed domestically in 2022, corresponding to FAW Toyota Corolla Ruifang and Guangzhou Automobile Toyota Fengfeng Landa. The price of the center Landa is 12.58-184800 yuan, and that of Carola Ruifang is 12.98-184800 yuan. Unlike the Thai market, Fenglanda and Carola Ruifang are equipped with 2.0L naturally aspirated engines, maximum power 126kw (171hp), peak torque of 205N ·m, matched with CVT continuously variable transmission.

Carola Cross positioning compact SUV, after the domestic Carola Ruifang and Fenglanda become its lowest price SUV, positioning small SUV C-HR and Yize are much higher than the above two models. The launch of Fenglanda and Carola Ruifang not only expands and improves the product camp of Guangzhou Automobile Toyota, but also replaces the market where C-HR is located, focusing on high performance-to-price ratio and large space. competitive models include Honda Renewal / XR-V, Nissan Xiaoke, Volkswagen Tuyue and other models. Retail figures show that Fenglanda sold 183100 vehicles in 2023, while Corolla Ruifang sold 142800 vehicles, while XR-V sold 52600 vehicles and Colorado only 39400 vehicles. It is understood that the medium-term change Carola Cross is expected to be introduced in 2024, when it will have what kind of market performance, it is worth looking forward to.

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