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All in AI! Meizu Announces suspension of traditional smartphone Research and Development

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On February 18, Meizu announced a strategic change and will stop the development of new traditional "smartphone" projects and devote itself to a new generation of AI devices. Meizu said that with the extended replacement cycle of the global mobile phone market, limited room for consumer innovation and increased vicious competition in the industry, the mobile phone industry is facing unprecedented challenges. At the same time, mobile phone products rely solely on hardware upgrades and parameter competition, which can no longer meet the diversified and comprehensive use needs and experience of consumers, so the industry urgently needs to find a new direction of sustainable development.

According to the strategic plan announced by Meizu, the company will build AI Device products, reconstruct Flyme system and build AI ecology in the future. According to the plan, in 2024, Meizu will update its mobile operating system for AI. In addition, Meizu's first AI Device hardware product will also be officially released in 2024. Taking into account the transitional needs of new and old users, during the transition period of Meizu All In AI, the user experience and services of the original Meizu Flyme, Flyme Auto, Flyme AR, MYVU, PANDAER and Unbounded Zhixing business will not be affected. In addition, the existing Meizu mobile phone products on sale will continue to provide normal software and hardware maintenance services for users.

Meizu is not the only brand that chooses to bet on "AI mobile phone". Manufacturers such as Glory, OPPO and vivo have launched phones equipped with a large model of terminal test 7 billion training parameters. On the same day the official announcement of Meizu, OPPO CEO Chen Mingyong also released an internal letter saying that AI mobile phones will become the third stage after feature phones and smartphones. OPPO is fully prepared and has set up a special AI center to centralize resources to AI.

It is worth noting that on November 30, 2023, the autumn conference of Meizu was held in Wuhan. In addition to the release of some new products, including Meizu 21 mobile phone, MYVU AR smart glasses, FlymeOS, the new "hand-car integration" solution, Flyme Link, and so on, it also announced the important news of car construction.

At the site of the press conference, Xinji Meizu released an open platform called "Unbounded Zhixing". According to the official statement, "Unbounded Intelligence" can provide Flyme Auto intelligent cockpit operating system for car companies, and car companies can access modular capabilities according to their own needs to help car companies quickly enhance the smart cockpit experience with the lowest cost and the highest efficiency.

In addition to the release of many new products, Star Meizu also announced high-profile entry into the bureau to build cars. According to the plan, Star Meizu will combine a series of manufacturing capabilities of Geely Automobile Group to create the first model MEIZU DreamCar MX for Mei you, which can jointly create and define a large number of personalized details such as painting, interior decoration, car theme and so on. Officials say the program will start in the first quarter of 2024. However, the market does not seem to expect much from Meizu, even if it relies on Geely, which requires long-term capital and effort. The industry believes that the introduction of customized cars by Star Meizu is a test of the market, and if the plan is feasible, or if it gets good feedback in the market, then it does not rule out the subsequent launch of mainstream automobile products, and at the same time, it can also make other car companies pay attention to the underlying structure of Meizu, but all these are full of unknowns. After the announcement of a full shift to AI, will Meizu's mass production car project proceed normally? The attention of the automobile industry will also remain concerned.

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