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Quality problems! Ford stops delivering electric pickups

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Recently, according to media reports, Ford Motor Company announced on Feb. 23 that it had suspended shipments of all 2024 Fmuri 150 Lightning electric pickup trucks on Feb. 9 because of a quality inspection of the vehicle. Officials have not yet explained exactly what the quality problems are and when the delivery can be resumed. It just means that a quality problem is being checked, and such a pause is normal during the manufacturing process.

It is worth noting that production of the Fmai 150 Lightning electric pickup truck was suspended last year because of a battery fire. It is understood that the problem was discovered during Ford's pre-delivery quality inspection that a battery of the Fmuri 150 Lightning model caught fire, and then Ford announced that production of the Fmuri 150 Lightning electric pickup truck was suspended.

In response to the fire, SK On, a battery supplier for Ford Motor Company, responded that it was a rare incident and that the defect that led to the fire of the Fmur150 Lightning electric pickup was not a fundamental problem with battery technology or our overall manufacturing system. Working with Ford, we identified the root cause of the problem and implemented improvements in our process to solve the problem.

At the same time, Ford issued a statement saying, "in the coming weeks, we will continue to use our lessons learned and work with SK On's team to ensure that we continue to provide high-quality battery packs. As REVC increases production, it will continue to retain cars that have already been produced, while engineering and parts updates are under way."

In fact, the fire in Fmur150 Lightning electric pickup truck is not the only one. Last year, there were media reports that three Ford Fmuri 150 Lightning pure electric pickup trucks caught fire in Dearborn, Michigan, in February.

Judging from the pictures exposed on the Internet, the incident took place in a car charging station parking lot. It is understood that at that time, a vehicle emitted white smoke while charging, and then caught fire, which affected the other two Ford Fmuri 150 Lightning pure electric pickup trucks. In response to the fire, officials responded that the investigation confirmed that the fire was a problem with the battery pack supplied by SK On.

More than a month later, on March 12 last year, Ford announced that it had recalled 18 electric pickup trucks Fmuri 150 Lightning because of battery problems. Officials say the "root cause" of the problem lies in the Georgia plant of its South Korean battery supplier SK On. At the same time, it was pointed out that no reports of accidents or injuries related to the recall had been received. The root cause of the problem has been identified with SK On and quality measures have been taken to resume production of the Fmuri 150 Lightning, which will be equipped with new battery packs.

Data show that Fmur150 Lightning is positioned as an electric pickup truck, which made its global debut in May 2021 and began delivery overseas on April 26th of the following year. The Fmur150 Lightning, equipped with front and rear axle motors, has a maximum power of 563hp and supports four driving modes: standard, sports, off-road and traction. The new car costs $59590 (about 430000 yuan). The official price cut was announced in February this year, and the starting price of the 2024 Ford Fmur150 Lightning in the United States is $54995 (about 396000 yuan).

Data show that Fmuri 150 Lightning sold a total of 24165 vehicles last year. This time, it is not known what caused the Fmuri 150 Lightning electric pickup truck to suspend delivery, and the follow-up has yet to be officially released.

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