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It is said that Changan Automobile will acquire Gaohe! The chairman responded.

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On February 27, Ding Lei, CEO of Gaohe Automobile, appeared in Chongqing to meet Zhu Huarong, Chairman of Chang 'an Automobile, and test-drove Chang' an Deep Blue S7. In response, Gaohe Automobile and Chang 'an Automobile confirmed that "the leaders of both sides have made friendly communication, but they are not clear about the content of the communication. "At the same time, market rumors, Changan Automobile or will acquire 51% of the shares of Gaohe Automobile, Zhu Huarong responded to the media said: " In the talks, far from 'proper'. "

Ding Lei's personal visit to Chang 'an Automobile is obviously not a courtesy visit. Combined with the current situation of Gaohe Automobile, it is more to seek cooperation with Chang' an Automobile, even acquisition, but at present, the specific news is still to be announced by the official. The market believes that Chang 'an Automobile, as a state-owned enterprise, wants to acquire Gaohe Automobile of private enterprises, and it is not easy.

Gaohe was once a hot electric car brand in the market. The price range of the first production car Gaohe HiPHi X was 570,000 yuan to 800,000 yuan. The high price and cool appearance design once became the hot object of the market. Later, the second model HiPhi Z was launched. Although the price was slightly lowered, it was still more than 500,000 yuan. By 2023, the sales volume of Gaohe automobile has not been able to break through, and the second model HiPhi Y is launched, with the price of 33.90-44.90 million yuan. However, in the face of fierce competition in the electric vehicle market, HiPhi Y does not bring high-light moment to Gaohe, but it is Gaohe's shutdown.

In the first week of returning to work during the Spring Festival in 2024, rumors about Gaohe cars continued. On February 18, Gaohe Automobile was revealed to have stopped production for half a year. Although insiders also denied the authenticity of the news at that time, the reality is that headquarters employees are withdrawing from the office building for six consecutive years, and Gaohe's factory in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province also stopped production.

On February 22, Ding Lei, founder of Gaohe Automobile, appeared at Shanghai headquarters and held a brief meeting with some employees and owners. Ding Lei started to reflect on the company's strategic planning, operation, marketing, public relations and other aspects of problems, resulting in sales targets can not be achieved, revenue is difficult to cover operating costs. He admitted that the factory had been shut down since November last year and that cash flow in the company's accounts had dried up, and said that "Gaohe Automobile still has a window period of three months," which may be as short as one month. Ding Lei urged all the employees left behind to fight together again. Speaking of the current situation of Gaohe Automobile, Ding Lei said that after the company announced the shutdown, some enterprises expressed their willingness and interest in Gaohe Automobile and gave investment or acquisition intention, and he would actively strive for it.

On the evening of February 22, Gaohe released the Announcement on Recent Service Operation Guarantee on its official App: Facing internal and external pressures and challenges, the company has made great adjustments to its daily operations since February 19, and is now making every effort to take various rescue measures. During this period, Gaohe HiPhi officials will make the service operation of users, after-sales maintenance of vehicles and other related work as the highest priority. However, Gaohe charging station, charging pile installation, App-side charging function (including free charging service) will be suspended from operation and restarted after subsequent resources are in place.

Subsequently, on February 23, the official broadcast room of Gaohe Automobile started live broadcast. Yang Yueqing, the relevant person in charge of Gaohe Automobile, shed tears on the live broadcast site and responded to some topics of recent industry concern, acknowledging that Gaohe was currently nervous in the capital chain, but the senior management did not run away. He also apologized to car owners and colleagues and begged all walks of life to "give Gao He some more time."

Yang Yueqing said frankly: "Now many people may be very disappointed, worried about how to do after-sales maintenance, we have tried our best to find partners, look for the possibility of restructuring, if there are resources to share with us. Gao He has never done fraud in development and has been doing originality. At the same time, he also said,"Please respect them (Gaohe Automobile employees). They also need to support their families and hope to show enthusiasm in their new positions." "

It is widely believed in the market that the possibility of high-end car rebirth is extremely small. Like the new power brands that went bankrupt and restructured in the past, Gaohe Automobile lacks the same money at present, and the current situation in front of Gaohe Automobile is that even if Ding Lei gets the rescue fund, it is also a drop in the bucket for Gaohe Automobile. Ding Lei said,"We really don't want to lose like this. The window for the company to turn over is up to three months. In three months, we will do everything we can to save the company." "But does Ding Lei really have the ability to suck gold? Can you really save Gao He? Now, Ding Lei visits Chang 'an Automobile, whether can help Gaohe Automobile to tide over difficulties, the outside world also began to look forward to.

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