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A new force in car building provides a quick exit channel for employees.

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Recently, according to media reports, Gaohe Automobile recently issued an internal announcement of its employees, which will provide employees with a quick exit channel today.

Gaohe said that the decision was made mainly in view of short-term financial constraints and uncertainty in the timing of restructuring, which will provide a quick signing channel for employees who want to leave during the shutdown and terminate the labor contract.

In terms of compensation, economic compensation, wages in lieu of notice and outstanding wages will be paid to employees who signed the agreement before March 1. It is also our common employer in the termination of labor relations, to provide workers with legal "Nation1" compensation. It is worth noting that the compensation is not immediately paid to employees. Officials say that combined with the current financial situation of Gaohe, the compensation will be paid at a monthly rate of 25% between September and December this year.

In addition, a person familiar with the matter told the media that Gaohe had held a high-level meeting the day before the announcement, revealing that the January salaries of employees originally scheduled to be reissued at the end of February could not be paid as scheduled.

Today, in response to these news, Gaohe senior executive Yang Yueqing responded in the studio today: it is true, saying that six months after the suspension of production, there is no vehicle sales, and Gaohe's internal financial situation is still very tight. it hasn't improved much. There may be a follow-up situation where there is no way to pay wages, and the provision of a quick separation channel is mainly to provide a neutral option for colleagues who need to leave. At the same time, it also said that Ding Lei did not run away and was still at work.

In fact, since Gaohe announced the suspension of production for six months, the follow-up development of Gaohe has attracted much attention both inside and outside the industry. Earlier, Ding Lei, founder of Gaohe, revealed that the window for Gaohe to turn over would take up to three months and would actively strive for it, unwilling to end it. At present, there are many external companies that are interested in, acquire or invest in high-tech cars.

Two days ago, there were media reports that Gaohe Ding Lei was also actively saving himself by meeting and negotiating with Zhu Huarong, chairman of Changan Automobile. The meeting between the two sides also triggered talk in the market that Gaohe wanted Changan to revive, and there was news that Changan might buy a 51% stake in Gaohe. In response to this statement, Zhu Huarong, chairman of Changan Automobile, said: "We are talking. We are still far away from 'good'." At the same time, a relevant informed source revealed to the media: "Ding Lei came to Changan at this time, really hope that Changan can consider the acquisition, but the acquisition proportion and details of the Internet should be false, it is impossible to come and finalize such details."

Yesterday, in response to these rumors in the market, Changan Automobile responded on the interactive platform: recently concerned about the "Changan Automobile acquisition of Gaohe 51% shares", "Changan will take over Gaohe Automobile" and other online information, the above information is false.

From the above information, it is not difficult to see that under the background of shutdown and financial stress, it is difficult for Gaohe to move forward. According to Ding Lei, Gaohe is left with up to 3 months, during which time it remains to be seen whether Gaohe can wait for a "white knight". However, for the view that Gaohe has been acquired and invigorated, some industry insiders pointed out that the current new energy vehicle market has opened the knockout stage, and Haohe has lost its follow-up competitiveness to a certain extent. The acquisition of Gaohe Automobile means that it is necessary to pay a high acquisition fee, which does not make much sense to the acquirer.

Of course, the situation of Gaohe Automobile has also aroused the feelings of many senior executives of automobile companies. Li Bin, CEO of Xilai, said he hoped the Gaohe brand would survive. At the same time, it is not easy for any company to do it to a certain extent. Li Xiang, CEO of ideal car, said: next, many new brands will encounter operational and capital problems, although they are all the result of reasonable market competition. If the social loss caused by mergers and acquisitions due to poor management is 10%, the social loss caused by poor management is 100%. It is very important to establish a sound merger and reorganization mechanism for automobile enterprises.

At present, it can still be seen from the network platform that it is not only Ding Lei who is running around to save himself, but also its employees and executives are actively trying to use their own methods to fight for self-help for the enterprise. For example, Yang Yueqing, director of Gaohe Automotive Engineering Project, also opened Gaohe Automobile's official live broadcast several times a few days ago. In the live broadcast, Yang Yueqing said that if bringing goods can invigorate high-tech cars, she is willing to give it a try. Yang Yueqing also said in a live broadcast today: Gaohe has lost its source of income and hopes to get some capital inflows through various ways. At the same time, sweaters, backpacks and other products were displayed in the live broadcast.

However, it is still a bit difficult to invigorate Gaohe through live broadcast. Of course, Yang Yueqing's live broadcast has brought a lot of positive effects to Gaohe, which can not only maintain the market's attention to Haohe, but also boost the confidence of car owners.

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