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Sales have plummeted! Tesla's first quarter sales announcement

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On April 2, Tesla announced the delivery volume for the first quarter of this year. Data show that Tesla delivered 38.6810 vehicles in the first quarter, down 8.53% from 422875 in the first quarter of last year and 20.2% compared with the fourth quarter of last year.

In view of poor sales, officials say it is mainly because the Fremont plant in California is currently in the capacity climbing stage, and the situation in the Red Sea has led to a shortage of spare parts transportation, resulting in the production of some vehicles at the Berlin factory and the recent arson attack on Tesla's German factory, which forced Tesla to cut power and shut down production again.

On the poor sales in the first quarter, Tesla CEO Musk also responded on the personal social platform: BYD sales fell 42% compared with the previous quarter, which is a difficult season for everyone.

Of course, these factors that officials say do have an impact on sales. However, according to the official production and sales figures for the first quarter, more cars are produced than sales, which may mean that Tesla's delivery in the first quarter was poor, in large part because of weak demand and fierce competition.

Take the Chinese market as an example, with the rapid development of domestic new energy vehicles, Tesla is no longer the only choice for consumers. BYD has a certain market share in less than 200000 of the market and is Tesla's biggest competitor. Data show that BYD delivered 484507 vehicles in the fourth quarter of 2023, surpassing Tesla's fourth-quarter delivery. In addition, it is also faced with the pressure of domestic car-building new forces manufacturers constantly encroaching on market share.

To this end, Tesla also announced on January 1, "price reduction" promotion! However, the price-for-volume strategy is no longer as effective as it is to boost sales. According to Tesla's internal information in China, the price of Tesla's Model Y model will be increased by 5000 yuan from April 1, according to news on the market in March. At the same time, the current official car insurance subsidy policy of 8000 yuan and a maximum of 10000 yuan of car paint relief policy will also expire on March 31. If calculated on this basis, Tesla's price adjustment in the Chinese market can be as high as 23000 yuan.

Sure enough, on April 1, according to Tesla's information on China's official website, the prices of many Truss models rose by 5000 yuan. Among them, the price of the Model Y rear wheel drive version was raised to 263900 yuan, the Model Y long-range version was raised to 304900 yuan, and the Model Y high-performance version was raised to 368900 yuan. For Tesla's price increase behavior, many industry insiders pointed out that the high probability is to force the order.

The automobile industry is concerned that Tesla's weak sales in China is also related to the slow updating of his models. At present, Tesla's global sales models are Model 3, Model Y, Model S, Model X and electric pickup Cybertruck, a total of five models. Among them, Model S and Model X are Tesla's first models to enter China, and both models are imported into the domestic market. Compared with domestic Model 3 and Model Y, the sales advantage is not so obvious. Most of Tesla's sales in China come from domestic Model 3 and Model Y.

On March 28th, Xiaomi launched its first model, the SU7, which is a direct bid for Tesla Model 3. The emergence of Xiaomi SU7 has also put pressure on Tesla China. In the end, it remains to be seen whether Tesla's price increase can improve sales.

Returning to Tesla's delivery results in the first quarter, it is not difficult to see that the performance is very poor, lower than market expectations, and Wall Street earlier expected delivery volume of 454200 vehicles less than 90, 000. Or due to the impact of lower-than-expected sales in the first quarter, as of press time, Tesla US stocks were at $166.63 per share, down 4.9%, with a latest market capitalization of $530.7 billion.

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