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Changan Automobile just got out of the 4S store "spontaneous combustion"? Official statement

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On March 2, Changan Automobile issued an official statement to clarify the incident of "spontaneous combustion as soon as the vehicle left the 4S store".

Changan Automobile said in a statement that Changan Automobile was concerned that some online media forwarded videos of Changan users and made false reports under the title of "spontaneous combustion" and "just out of 4S store." Now refute the rumor about the incident. On February 27, a rear-end collision occurred while driving a vehicle to Taoyuan County, Hunan Province, causing damage to the front bumper and other parts of the vehicle. After the rear-end collision, the user did not conduct a safety check on the vehicle and continued to drive the vehicle. On the 28th, on the way to the place of work, a fire broke out in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, causing no injuries. Changan Automobile said in a statement that Changan Automobile contacted the user as soon as possible in a responsible manner and sent professionals to the scene to assist in handling the matter. Through the inspection of the real car on the spot, it is found that there is obvious deformation in the anti-collision beam, radiator and fan, and the overfire position is in the collision damaged area. At present, Changan Automobile is fully cooperating with local public security, fire protection and related departments to carry out accident investigation.

According to media reports, recently, a piece of news about the spontaneous combustion of Changan car spread rapidly on the Internet. Sources said that the spontaneous combustion incident occurred in front of a 4S store of Changan Automobile in Jiangsu Province, and the vehicle involved was an unlicensed Changan car.

Changan Automobile stressed in this statement that Changan Automobile reserves the right to pursue its legal liability in response to unverified false reports on the incident by some media.

Data show that China Changan Automobile Group Co., Ltd. was established in December 2005, is a super-large automobile enterprise belonging to China Arms equipment Group Co., Ltd. The latest figures show that from January to February 2024, Changan Automobile's own brand new energy sales totaled 75000 vehicles, an increase of more than 54 per cent over the same period last year.

According to the plan, Changan Automobile will launch eight new new energy products this year. With more products on the market, Changan Automobile Group will sprint its annual target of 3.5 million-4 million vehicles by 2025, an increase of 32% compared with the same period last year. As for this year's sales target, Zhu Huarong, chairman of Changan Automobile, said that the next two years will be a period of great opportunity for Changan Automobile. Changan Automobile will sprint for the sales target of 2.8 million vehicles this year, of which new energy sales will exceed 750000, of which Changan Automobile will bear 1.25 million; Changan Qiyuan 250000, Deep Blue 280000, Avita 90, 000 and Changan Kacheng 230000, while overseas markets will bear 480000.

From the perspective of sales target, Changan Automobile Group's sales target for the New year is still relatively "radical". As for how much driving effect the new model can bring to Changan Automobile Group's sales, it needs an answer from the market. For reference, in 2023, Changan automobile sales were 2.5531 million, up 8.82% from the same period last year; independent brands increased 11.91% to 2.0978 million; independent passenger vehicles increased 14.86% to 1.597 million; overseas sales of independent brands increased 39.23% to 236400; in addition, self-brand new energy sales increased by 74.77% to 474000 vehicles.

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