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Official response to Xiaopeng P7 Suzhou accident: the vehicle was normal before the accident!

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On the evening of March 1, Xiaopeng Automobile's official micro blog posted a response to "Xiaopeng P7 Suzhou Accident."

Xiaopeng Automobile said: "At 7:52 a.m. on February 29,2024, Xiaopeng P7 traffic accident occurred in Wujiang District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province. We are very saddened by the casualties caused by the accident. We actively cooperate with the traffic police department to investigate and handle the case. Now we have received the notice of data collection from the traffic police department and provided relevant data according to law. The data shows that the vehicle is in normal condition before the accident, the auxiliary driving function is not turned on, there is high-speed driving behavior before the collision, the maximum speed reaches 169km/h, and the speed reaches 145km/h at the time of collision. "

According to previous reports, on February 29, online video showed two cars racing in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, one of which flew out of control due to speeding, and the vehicle immediately caught fire and was seriously damaged. Subsequently, the staff of the Hengfan Street Office said that the vehicle involved in the accident was Xiaopeng P7. The video shows a pink car driving at high speed through a slippery curve, and the vehicle is traveling at an extremely fast speed. Another video shows that the car caught fire immediately after the accident, with flames visible on the right and flying parts visible on the road and in the air.

At that time, Xiaopeng car response, in the background after receiving collision accident alarm, Xiaopeng has been in the first time to call out and coordinate local area personnel rushed to the scene of the accident. At present, relevant departments have blocked the accident site for detailed accident investigation, and Xiaopeng is also cooperating with relevant departments to handle the accident simultaneously. "From the video of netizens, we can see that there is indeed speeding in rainy days. We will continue to follow up with the police investigation for specific information. "

In response to the accident, Xiaopeng Automobile reminded and appealed to the majority of car owners to strictly abide by road traffic laws and regulations and pay attention to driving safety in the latest response. At the same time, Xiaopeng Automobile said that it noticed that the accident-related video caused a lot of dissemination and discussion on the Internet, hoping that everyone would treat it rationally and respect the accident owner users.

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