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"better than Model Y"! Alpine DOM road test spy photos exposed

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A few days ago, the Tramway report obtained a set of espionage photos of the first model of the Alps, the second brand of Lulai, during the test in Heihe. The car will be positioned as a pure electric sedan SUV (internal code name DOM). The whole series of models will be developed based on the third-generation technology platform NT3.0, which is expected to be available this year at a price of 20-300000 yuan, against the Standard Tesla Model Y.

Although the vehicle is covered with more stringent camouflage, some clues can still be found in the details. Espionage photos show that the first model of the Alps brand uses the styling design of the sedan car SUV, with frameless doors, hidden door handles and black dense spoke rims for a strong sense of movement. The rear of the car has a "duckling tail" design, but does not use the current popular through style, but the shape is slightly narrow design. From the point of view of the details, the car also has lateral and backward auxiliary driving cameras and is expected to have advanced auxiliary driving capabilities.

It is worth mentioning that the rear window of the vehicle also has a slogan "better than Model Y", which means that the first model of the Alps brand will be calibrated Model Y throughout the year, speculating that the size of the model should be larger than Model Y, or locate a medium-sized SUV or medium-to-large SUV. Earlier, Li Bin, CEO of Xilai, also revealed that the first model of the Alps brand has a larger screen, lower price than Model Y, and supports 800V charging and power replacement. Of course, it is also a big question whether the comprehensive calibration of Model Y can surpass Model Y. In 2023, the Model Y was the best-selling model in the Chinese market, with 456400 vehicles sold in the whole year.

At present, the information about the first model of the Alps brand is very limited. Two versions of the new car, 60kwh and 90kwh, are planned. The size of the new battery pack will be compatible with the third generation power station, but the thickness of the battery pack will be significantly reduced, thus achieving a better driving experience in the car. In addition, the first model will use a new generation of motors produced by Wei to optimize its size and cost. It is understood that the DOM model is scheduled for trial production in July 2024 and is expected to be mass produced and delivered in the second half of 2024. Optimistically, it should be available around October. Although there is not much delivery time left for DOM, the delivery target set by Weilai is also quite aggressive, with tens of thousands of vehicles expected to be delivered this year, so Wei is confident about the future market performance of the first model of the "Alps" brand.

Alps is the second brand of Weilai, and it is also the focus of development of Weilai in 2024. Alps will be independent of the Weilai brand, based on a new channel, the number of planned models is expected to be half that of the Weilai brand, there are only three models in the whole life cycle, but monthly sales will reach 50,000. Qin Lihong pointed out at the previous media communication meeting that relatively high-end brand products are more rich, and the ability will need to be more focused on the practical market. Alps is mainly aimed at the 20-300000 yuan market, differentiating from the Weilai brand, and the relationship with the Weilai brand is similar to Audi-Volkswagen, which is based on the NT3.0 platform and supports high-voltage quick charging technology. The brand is headed by Ai Tiecheng, a good friend of the co-founder and president of Qin Lihong, and has no previous experience in the automotive industry.

How to match the brand tone of Xilai Automobile to serve users and the real needs of users in the sinking market is the biggest headache for the current team. If Alps inherits the core values inherited from Weilai, it will not be able to differentiate with the Weilai brand, thus affecting the market of the Weilai brand. Therefore, as the second brand, Alps, apart from products, how to make a choice in terms of intelligent technology and premium services, because users in this market are not expected to achieve the same services as the Weilai brand and pay more attention to their daily travel needs. At the same time, it is difficult to maintain such high-standard services in the highly competitive mainstream market.

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