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BYD Seagull Glory Edition is listed at a reduced price!

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On March 6, BYD Ocean Network's Seagull Glory Edition was officially listed, with a price range of 69,800 - 85,800 yuan. Seagull is based on BYD e platform 3.0 technology. This glory version mainly adds north ice blue appearance and deep sea blue interior color. As a contrast, the previous seagull price range was 73,800 - 89,800 yuan, compared with the seagull glory version of the starting price reduced by 4,000 yuan.

In terms of appearance, BYD Seagull Glory Edition continues to continue the design concept of "marine aesthetics." Irregular headlights are matched with three-dimensional diamond gradient texture, and the large size air intake grille design with blackened treatment is adopted under the surround, so that the front face has sharp and sharp visual effect. On the side of the body, the raised waistline and the black trim kit above the side skirt make the whole car look younger, the round and compact exterior rearview mirror is quite cute, the door handle is semi-hidden design, and the five-spoke two-color wheel hub further enhances the youthful atmosphere of the seagull. At the rear of the car, the concave-convex taillights increase its recognition. The square shape cooperates with the semi-suspended roof and the tail wing extending outward from the top. The whole is very fashionable. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 3780/1715/1540mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2500 mm.

Interior part, the new car new north ice blue appearance and deep sea blue interior color, with deep sea blue interior, two-color makes the vehicle in the visual effect is very eye-catching. The car is equipped with suspended instrument panel and 10.1-inch adaptive rotating central control screen, built-in DiLink intelligent network connection system, and the same easy-going control system as dolphin is adopted below the central control screen, integrating gear shift function. In addition, officials said, the new car provides airbag, ESP, EPB, exterior mirror heating, etc., high configuration will also add front side airbag. In terms of seat layout, the front row of the new car is equipped with integrated sports seats, while the rear row adopts a two-seat layout.

In terms of power, the new car is equipped with permanent magnet synchronous drive motor with maximum power of 55kW and maximum torque of 135N·m. In terms of battery life, it is equipped with blade battery, which provides two different battery life versions of 305km and 405km, corresponding to battery capacity of 30.08kWh and 38.88kWh.

As the most entry-level small car of BYD Ocean Network, Seagull went on sale on April 26,2023, launching three models with a price range of 73,800 - 89,800 yuan, which was the only model in BYD's entire range of models selling for less than 100,000 yuan at that time. In terms of power, Seagull is equipped with permanent magnet synchronous motor with maximum power of 55kW and peak torque of 135N·m, and equipped with lithium iron phosphate blade battery with capacity of 30.08kWh or 38.88kWh. The range under CLTC condition is 305km and 405km respectively.

The seagull glory version has not changed much in appearance and interior, but the configuration has been upgraded and the price has been lowered. On the whole, the new car will continue to compete with traditional fuel vehicles such as Tian Feidu, Toyota Vios, Volkswagen Polo and Wuling Bingguo. Official figures show that 330,200 seagulls have been sold since their launch, of which 13,500 were sold in February.

Since February 19, BYD has launched a number of "Glory Edition" models, including Qin PLUS Glory Edition, Destroyer 05 Glory Edition, Dolphin Glory Edition, Han Family Glory Edition, Tang DM-i Glory Edition, Yuan PLUS Glory Edition and other Glory Edition models, covering A0-C-class cars and various SUV models.

On February 19, BYD Qin PLUS Glory Edition/Destroyer 05 Glory Edition officially went on the market. The official price dropped to 79,800 yuan and shouted the slogan of "electricity is lower than oil." The official said it was BYD's "king bombing" at the beginning of the year. With the arrival of more cheaper "Glory Edition" models, BYD will lower the price to less than 100,000 yuan, and adopt the strategy of price reduction and allocation to further reduce the price space of A0 market. As a result, many automobile enterprises also passively join the price war, which makes the price war in the automobile market escalate rapidly.

According to the latest data, BYD sold 122,300 new energy vehicles in February 2024, down 36.8% year-on-year; by the end of February, BYD sold 332,800 new energy vehicles in the first two months of this year, down 6.1% year-on-year. It remains to be seen whether the arrival of more "Glory Edition" models will boost BYD sales.

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