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The first large and medium-sized SUV! Nissan land exploration price announced

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Nissan Land Exploration, a new model of Dongfeng Nissan, was officially launched on March 6, with a total of five equipped models with a price range of 21.28-274800 yuan. It is understood that Land Exploration is the first medium-and large-scale SUV under Dongfeng Nissan, and it is a special model for the Chinese market. It is not the same model as the pathfinder currently on sale in the North American market, but only follows the English name of the model, thus raising the popularity of the model in the domestic market.

In terms of appearance, Dongfeng Nissan Land Exploration uses the latest family-style front face, horizontal chromium plating strips are added to the interior of the large-size grille for make-up, the interior of the grid is embellished with a large number of chromium elements, the center of the grille is NISSAN luminous LOGO, and air intakes are retained on both sides of the front, the new car looks very rough and hard. At the same time, it uses a three-stage air intake design to properly enhance the sense of motion of the vehicle.

From the side point of view, the outline of the new car body is quite stable, using longer and more stretched lines to outline the car body, with black wheel eyebrows and outer rearview mirror shell, and both sides of the taillights are connected by a black decorative panel to create the visual effect of a penetrating rear light group. In the rear, the car uses a long and narrow taillight group, with a black panel and brand LOGO in the center, with the English logo of Pathfinder at the bottom. At the same time, the car adopts hidden exhaust layout and no exhaust decoration is designed at the same time, making the tail look more stable and coordinated. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 5130/1981/1767mm, wheelbase 2900mm, positioning medium and large SUV, providing a layout of six seats and seven seats.

In terms of interior decoration, the new car adopts the current popular double screen design, showing a good sense of science and technology. At the same time, the car retains a large number of physical buttons, and the shape of the air conditioning outlet on both sides shows some tough temperament. It is worth mentioning that the overall use of materials in the car is quite thick, using a large number of soft materials for packaging, and NAPPA leather seats are also relatively thick. The storage space of Tanlu is quite rich, with a total of 24 storage spaces in the car. Water cups, paper, file bags and even children's favorite toys and snacks can be found everywhere.

In terms of power, Nissan Land Exploration will be equipped with a 2.0T engine produced by Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd., code-named KR20, which is homologous to Infiniti QX60, with a maximum power of 252hp and a peak torque of 376Nm, matched with a 9AT gearbox from Zaifu.

Pathfinder is a medium and large SUV built by Nissan for the North American market. The first generation model was launched as early as 1985, and the fifth generation Nissan Pathfinder was released at the 2021 Los Angeles Auto Show. It is based on the same platform as the brand new generation of Infiniti QX60 made in China, so the "shadow" of Infiniti QX60 can also be seen from this model. After entering China, the Pathfinder was named "Land Exploration" by Dongfeng Nissan. Although the English name of the tail mark is the same, the design is completely different. It can be regarded as a car built for the Chinese market, only using the English name "Pathfinder".

In order to meet the space needs of domestic consumers, the SUV models launched by major car companies in recent years are getting bigger and bigger, and Land Exploration is the first medium-and large-scale SUV under Dongfeng Nissan, with an overall size basically equal to the current market popular ideal L7, Mengjie M7 and Xiaopeng G9. Of course, as a tanker, Nissan's main competitors are Volkswagen Tuen and Ford explorers. Retail data show that Volkswagen sold 48700 vehicles in 2023, compared with 27000 for Ford explorers.

According to Dongfeng Nissan's official website, the SUV currently on sale under the brand includes the new Qijun (Compact SUV), Xiaoke (Compact SUV) and Xiaoke (small SUV), while Tanlu is Dongfeng Nissan's largest SUV and will be the most expensive model for Dongfeng Nissan. From the perspective of product performance, Nissan's appearance and interior are not as bright as the current domestic new energy products, which is also in line with the conservative and steady market development trend of Nissan and other traditional automakers. Of course, the 2.0T+9AT is enough to meet daily needs, which may be attractive to consumers who like fuel cars, but as a traditional joint venture medium and large SUV, it is not easy for Nissan to compete with medium and large SUV for market share, especially for new energy vehicles.

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