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Lei Jun: do a good job of Xiaomi car

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On the afternoon of March 6, the Beijing delegation to the second session of the 14th National people's Congress held an open group activity at the site and gave a collective interview to Chinese and foreign media. At the interview, Lei Jun, founder and chairman of Xiaomi Group, said, "We will try our best to do a good job of Xiaomi car so as not to disappoint users all over the country." Lei Jun said that Xiaomi Group will dig deep into the underlying core technology, develop Xiaomi automobile business, and promote high-end and globalization. The release of Xiaomi car marks the completion of Xiaomi's closed loop of "full ecology of people and cars", which is committed to providing users with an excellent travel experience.

Earlier, during the two sessions of the National people's Congress, when asked whether Xiaomi had the confidence to open the market because of the fierce price war among car companies, Lei Jun said that Xiaomi announced its entry into the new energy vehicle market three years ago, because we are acutely aware that Xiaomi is a technology enterprise and an ecological enterprise. Our strategy is the whole ecology of people and cars, and cars are a very important part of us. After three years of preparation, it will be listed soon. At this moment, the competition in the new energy vehicle market is fierce. I think Xiaomi is ready. We said when we released that Xiaomi plans to invest 10 billion US dollars in the automobile business. It will take 15-20 years to keep striving to become one of the top five car factories in the world. Therefore, we have 10 or 20 years of determination and courage, I believe Xiaomi car will be successful.

On December 28th, 2023, Xiaomi held a conference on Xiaomi automobile technology and unveiled its first volume car, Xiaomi SU7, and that day was the 1003rd day that Xiaomi announced its entry into the new energy vehicle market. At the press conference site, Lei Jun introduced the performance of Xiaomi SU7 in detail, but the price, which is particularly concerned by the outside world, has always been a mystery. However, Lei Jun also revealed at the scene that the pricing of SU7 SU7 may exceed everyone's psychological expectations, "it will not be 99000, it will not be 149000, it will not be 199000", so Xiaomi SU7 starts to sell at least 200000, so is it 209000 or 299000?

On March 6, Dangdang founder Francis Chan sent a video message to Lei Jun. "I hope Lei can always pay attention to it and keep pace with the times," Francis Chan said. "for the sake of 50 million fans, insist on the performance-to-price ratio to the end, not to talk about emotional value, not to talk about asset value. Xiaomi cars must adhere to high performance-to-price ratio. Pricing of 15-200000 is very appropriate. Don't consider the pricing of 400000 or 500000. That's what Li Bin needs to think about, and his idea is not necessarily correct."

However, at present, Lei Jun may also have a headache. BYD threw out "Wang fried" directly after the Spring Festival of the year of the Dragon, and its main best-selling models all launched the glory version, of which Qin PLUS and destroyer 05 sold from 79800 yuan, with the slogan "electricity is lower than oil". Although this is more to attack traditional fuel vehicles, who can be left alone in the price war? After BYD announced the price reduction, more than 10 new energy vehicle companies in China announced that they would follow suit, including Tesla.

Price reduction or no price reduction seems to be a choice, but in fact, there is no choice. Whether it is BYD or other car companies, the purpose of price reduction is to maximize sales and seize more market share without price reduction. The market will be taken away by other companies, and there will be no chance to eat soup and eat bones in the end. On the contrary, if Xiaomi insists on high pricing and hopes to build Xiaomi cars into a high-end brand, which runs counter to the trend of price reduction in the market at this time, it will not only greatly reduce market interest in Xiaomi cars. and it will also cause public opinion to question the technology and strength of Xiaomi, the "newcomer" of the car maker.

More importantly, Xiaomi SU7 has too many competitors, especially Geely, almost soldering Xiaomi's pricing space. At the end of last month, Polar Krypton released a new polar krypton 001 with a price range of 269-329000 yuan, not only a price reduction of 30, 000 yuan, but also a standard lidar, upgraded to a double-wishbone double-ball section structure, which was simply an incremental price reduction, which triggered market concerns about the pricing of Xiaomi SU7. Netizens even commented on Lei Jun's Weibo comment "stop Lei Zong, it's all good luck outside!" It is understood that Galaxy E8, polar krypton 007, polar krypton 001 from 180000 yuan to 300000 yuan price range of millet SU7 products, and the upcoming release of Lecker 07, the price is probably in the 200000 yuan range. It is worth noting that the polar krypton 001 is suspected to have a hindhand, and the release model does not include the new version, which may fall to the range of 200000 yuan according to the pricing of Xiaomi SU7, which may be confirmed by the latest speech by Yang Xueliang, vice president of Geely Holdings.

There is no denying that expectations for Xiaomi cars are still high, because they are more eager for Xiaomi to give a surprise price, and the SU7 can become the first car for young people. But contrary to one's wishes, Lei Jun stressed many times that the price of SU7 cannot be low, and Lei Jun's dream car may only be a dream car in the eyes of successful people, not rice noodles.

When announcing the construction of the car, Lei Jun said that Xiaomi was the last venture in which he gambled all his wealth, and his determination and sincerity in building the car were self-evident, but as a newcomer in the car-building industry, Lei Jun should more or less pay a price for building a car. the difficulty of building a car is unimaginable. Xiaomi car, is Xiaomi's dream, but also Xiaomi's future, but for rice noodles may not have a dream, only reality.

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