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Sell for 399800! The launch of the new MINI JCW COUNTRYMAN

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On March 11, the new MINI JCW COUNTRYMAN of BMW Group was unveiled and officially listed in China, with an guiding price of 399800 yuan. As a replacement model, the new MINI JCW COUNTRYMAN takes on a new internal and external design and continues to carry a 2.0T four-cylinder gasoline engine. It is worth mentioning that the new MINI COUNTRYMAN will only introduce the JCW version, and the ordinary version will no longer be available in the Chinese market.

In terms of appearance, the new car is based on the all-new MINI COUNTRYMAN, upgrading the design details without losing the classic elements of the fuel-driven model, the new car continues to use the eye-catching chili red collision color, the front has a larger area of mesh grille with angular LED headlights, and the vertical red decorative strips on both sides of the lower grille are also very eye-catching. China net embedded new John Cooper Works logo and redesigned, using the classic black, red and white color scheme, and further emphasize the competitive style of sports.

On the side of the body, you can obviously feel that the wheelbase is getting longer, the interior space experience will be significantly improved, the design of the founder's window makes it look strong, the size of the outer rearview mirror is also increased, and the new design of the door handle can reduce the wind resistance coefficient. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4447/1843/1643mm and the wheelbase is 2692mm.

In the rear part, the classic meter flag LED matrix taillights adopt a new longitudinal style, and the newly designed C-column tilts the roof to the rear, with a compact spoiler to create a stronger sports atmosphere. The license plate area moves down to the position of the bumper, the opening of the rear door moves up, and the rear bumper looks thicker.

In terms of interior decoration, the new MINI JCW COUNTRYMAN simple design language makes the cockpit look more open. The circular steering wheel, central control screen, longitudinal air conditioning outlet and door handle construct the most important geometric elements in the car, greatly reducing the physical keys in the car, most functions are replaced by circular central control screen, and the new MINI Operating System 9 system is built-in to support entertainment information, air conditioning control, vehicle setup and other functions. And provide a variety of theme modes. In addition, the color woven decorative materials in the central console and central handrails will also become an important decorative element in the cockpit of the new generation MINI model family.

In terms of power, the new MINI JCW COUNTRYMAN continues to carry a 2.0T four-cylinder engine with a maximum power of 221kW and a peak torque of 400Nm, matching the ALL4 all-wheel drive system. In terms of transmission, the eight-speed automatic transmission is replaced by a seven-speed dual clutch box.

John Cooper Works (JCW) is a high-performance sub-brand of MINI, similar to BMW M, Mercedes-Benz AMG and Audi RS. With the advent of the electrification era, many classic fuel performance cars have withdrawn from the historical stage, but MINI officials said that performance cars will not die with the arrival of the electrification era, and MINI JCW will continue to be included in the electrification product series in the future.

In 2023, MINI sold 295474 vehicles worldwide, up only 0.9 per cent from the same period last year, of which 18151 vehicles were sold at the end of the Chinese market, accounting for 6 per cent of the total global sales. It is worth mentioning that MINI will be localized in 2024, and Beamlight, a joint venture between BMW and Great Wall, will go into production of the new MINI COOPER S, which is expected to go on sale in the first half of the year. By contrast, the progress of domestic MINI is particularly slow. As a competitor, smart is one step ahead in electrification. Since the joint venture between Geely and Mercedes-Benz in 2019, smart has begun to transition to motorization and has launched two motorized models so far. Data show that 41416 smart terminals were sold in 2023.

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