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Huawei BAIC car selection S9 declaration map has been exposed!

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In the latest issue of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's declaration catalogue, Automotive Industry concern found that the first "smart car" launched by Huawei and BAIC, the Hengjie S9, has appeared on the declaration catalogue.

The Hengjie S9 is a model jointly built by Huawei and BAIC, positioning an executive business car with an internal price of 30-500000 yuan, with single-motor and dual-motor models on power. the new car is expected to debut at the Beijing Auto Show in April and officially go on sale in June.

According to the information of the declaration map, there are two appearance colors of white and black, of which white is the single motor model of Hengjie S9 and black is the double motor model of Hengjie S9. In terms of appearance, the new car adopts a simple design style, with a closed grille design on the front face, a headlamp group similar to the "C" shape on both sides, and a penetrating light belt in the middle, resulting in a high overall recognition. In addition, a wide trapezoidal vent is used around the front of the new car to create a certain sports atmosphere.

White is the S9 single motor model; black is the S9 dual motor model.

On the side of the body, the new car has simple and smooth lines, the roof is equipped with lidar, and side cameras are designed on both sides of the front fender, with hidden door handles and multi-amplitude low wind resistance wheels, making the vehicle look more stable and atmospheric. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 5160/1987/1486mm, the wheelbase is 3050mm, and 20-inch and 21-inch rims are available. In addition, the declaration information shows that the new car also offers different styles of rims and electronic rearview mirror options.

In the rear part, the new car taillight adopts a penetrating design style, and the rear part is marked with the words "BAIC New Energy" and "Hangjie S9" to improve the recognition. The new car has a ducktail-like design on the rear compartment cover and a concave license plate frame area in the middle to further enhance the hierarchical sense of the vehicle.

White is the S9 single motor model; black is the S9 dual motor model.

In terms of power, the new car offers two versions: single motor and dual motor. The former is equipped with TZ210XYA03 drive motor produced by Huawei Digital Energy Technology Co., Ltd., with a maximum power of 227kW. It provides ternary lithium ion + ferromanganese phosphate lithium battery and ternary lithium ion battery. The latter is equipped with YS210XYA03 and TZ210XYA03 front and rear motors produced by Huawei Digital Energy Technology Co., Ltd. the maximum power of the front motor is 158kW and that of the rear motor is 227kW, matching ternary lithium-ion battery.

BAIC Blue Valley owns two major brands: polar Fox and BAIC New Energy. This is not the first time BAIC has partnered with Huawei. On the contrary, BAIC is the earliest car company to cooperate with Huawei. In 2017, the two sides signed a cooperation agreement to jointly set up a project team codenamed HBT. Many of the engineers of Huawei's project team are based in BAIC's Langu headquarters. Since then, the two sides have signed cooperation agreements on deepening and upgrading twice in a row. In 2021, the new HI version of the polar fox alpha S jointly created by BAIC Langu and Huawei was released at the Shanghai auto show and delivered the following year. However, as the first production car equipped with Huawei HI smart car solution, the performance of the new Jihu car in the auto market is not eye-catching. Data show that a total of 30016 polar fox cars were delivered in 2023.

Smart car sharing S9 is a further cooperation between BAIC and Huawei following the Huawei Inside (hereinafter referred to as HI) model. It should be noted that at present, Huawei smart car selection lineup is constantly expanding, in addition to the question, intelligence and the above-mentioned enjoyment world, Jianghuai Automobile will also launch smart car selection products.

According to the plan, BAIC Langu will release a sedan car model in the first quarter of this year, and polar fox alpha S and polar fox alpha T will also be launched in the second half of the year, but whether it is the "Jie" brand launched in cooperation with Huawei or its launch of a new polar fox car, it remains to be seen whether BAIC Langu can stand out in the highly competitive market.

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