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MEGA dumb fire! Li Xiang is rarely absent.

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Li Xiang hasn't updated Weibo for 17 days since MEGA went public. Before that, he forwarded comments on Weibo almost every day and was called "King of Weibo" by netizens. In addition, Li Bin and he Xiaopeng attended the 2024 Electric vehicle 100 people meeting held over the weekend, but Li Xiang, who has always been relatively outspoken, was absent. Ideal car, as the new power brand with the highest sales in 2023, absolutely has the strength and courage to participate, so it is not clear why Li Xiang is absent, perhaps because of something delayed!

Today, Hong Kong shares of ideal Motor once again fell sharply, closing down 5.77% at HK $138.8. For comparison, Weilai Hong Kong shares rose 5.55%, while Xiaopeng Motor Hong Kong shares rose 6.49%. It is understood that since March 2, ideal auto Hong Kong stocks have fallen accumulatively, while US stocks have fallen.

The ideal car is coming out of a completely different trend from the market, or a piece of news that was originally yesterday. On the news, the new model of ideal car-MEGA has been controversial since its launch, and half a month after the launch of MEGA, ideal car has not released the final data of MEGA. Yesterday, late Auto reported that MEGA's expected order within 24 hours of its release was about 3000, but the final result fell short of expectations and achieved only half of its goal. MEGA received orders for nearly 4000 units within half a month of its release, and the factory has a capacity of 5000 MEGA units this month.

In fact, the ideal car has high hopes for the MEGA. As the first brand-new model of the ideal car in 2024, the first pure electric and the first MPV,MEGA launched only one model, the price is 559800 yuan. At the scene of the new car press conference, Li Xiang said that MEGA will be the next explosive product of the ideal car, and he is confident that it will become the first product in sales of passenger cars worth more than 500000 yuan.

According to the data, the best selling model of more than 500000 is the BMW X5, which is the first domestic medium and large SUV under BBA. Monthly sales are basically maintained at about 6000, and good monthly sales can reach more than 10,000. In other words, MEGA wants to be the leader of more than 500000, with monthly sales of at least 7000, which is already comparable to L-series products, but MEGA is a pure tram, an MPV, and a model with a price as high as 500000, which is basically incomparable to the L-series.

Since the release and listing of MEGA, there have been a lot of negative comments on the Internet, and even triggered Internet parodies, posting words such as "Dian" and "new energy funeral car" on the car body. Chinese people pay most attention to good luck, reunion and happiness, and generally do not casually use words such as coffin, funeral and memorial ceremony, so linking the image of MEGA with the funeral car will indeed make users hesitate and cause damage to the image of the ideal car. Rumor has it that MEGA added 218 new orders and withdrew 10297 within 72 hours of its launch.

On March 11, Li said on moments that we are already dealing with organized crimes in the incident by legal means. In Li Xiang's view, the promotion of the MEGA appearance dispute is actually a black public relations act, and legal action will be taken to find out who is behind it.

In the new power, ideal car is one of the most concerned enterprises. Before the MEGA, ideal Motors released a high-profile financial report. For the whole year of 2023, ideal Automobile achieved 123.85 billion yuan in revenue, becoming the first new force in China with annual revenue of more than 100 billion yuan. At the same time, with a net profit of 11.81 billion yuan, it is the first year to make a profit since the establishment of ideal Automobile. After the release of the results, ideal car shares rose 18% in the United States and 25% in Hong Kong. In this context, the long-preheated MEGA is about to appear on the market, and the L-series is full of new cars. Li would like to reveal that the delivery target for 2024 is 800000 vehicles.

However, the reality is still cruel. The listing of MEGA did not bring considerable sales to the ideal car, but was involved in the new public opinion. On March 12, the prices of ideal cars were rarely reduced, and 2024 ideal L-series products were renamed. The names of L7 and L8 models were changed from Air, Pro and Max to Pro, Max and Ultra, while the new Air version (eliminating empty suspension) was sold at 301800 yuan and 321800 yuan respectively, a reduction of 18000 yuan compared with the 2023 model. In addition, the L9 Max is also synchronously adjusted to the L9 Ultra, and the price remains unchanged. This round of price cuts may greatly stimulate ideal sales.

The price of MEGA is as high as 500000, the audience is limited, coupled with the fact that pure electric MPV is not easy to sell, it is almost impossible to rely on MEGA. Therefore, the dumb fire of the ideal car in the pure electricity market and the dumb fire in the MPV market is also a test and lesson. There is a view that, unlike Ulai and Xiaopeng, the ideal car has gone too smoothly since it was put on the market in mass production, and the ideal ONE has been popular after it has been listed, and the L-series launched later is also the case, lack of market beating. 2024 is the first year that the ideal car pure electricity and extended range products began to attack in parallel, but in the face of the high sales expectation of 800000 years, the ideal car needs to face more opportunities and challenges.

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