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The second domestic car of BMW Great Wall was announced!

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In the latest issue of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's declaration catalogue, Automotive Industry concern obtained the declaration chart of Beamlight's second production car, the MINI ACEMAN, which is jointly built by Great Wall Motor and BMW Group and will debut on the eve of the 2024 Beijing Auto Show. As a new pure electric small SUV,MINI ACEMAN under MINI, it will fill the gap between MINI COOPER S and MINI COUNTRYMAN in the future.

Overall, MINI ACEMAN still continues the MINI family style, and the overall design is somewhat similar to MINI COUNTRYMAN. The shape of the headlight group does not use the traditional circle, but becomes more angular and highly recognizable. In addition, the new car uses a closed front design, leaving only a slender vent below for the heat dissipation of the motor and other equipment, and the front enclosure uses a new design, the overall style is more radical.

On the side of the body, MINI ACEMAN has a classic suspended roof design and a round body, with a length, width and height of 4076 (4094) / 1754/1515mm and a wheelbase of 2606mm. Because of its larger size, it uses a four-door design, which is expected to meet the daily travel needs of families. In the rear part of the car, MINI ACEMAN no longer uses half a capsule-shaped British flag taillight, but uses a vertical taillight, which shows a wide vision, and the bumper is made of black plastic to show cross-border wind. The "ACEMAN" English logo is located in the center below the MINI logo and the "beam car" logo in the upper left corner.

In terms of interior decoration, with reference to overseas concept models, MINI ACEMAN still uses a large number of classic design elements of MINI, and the circular central control screen is highly recognizable, with only a few physical buttons, and the overall design is very simple. In addition, the button area under the central control screen also uses circular design elements, which is also inherited from other MINI models. The dashboard in front of the main driver is cancelled and the HUD head-up display system will replace the dashboard.

On the power side, MINI ACEMAN will offer two power versions. The MINI Aceman has a maximum power of 184hp and a 40 kWh battery pack with a range of about 300km. The maximum power of the MINI Aceman S is 218 horsepower, with a 54.2kWh battery pack with a range of about 400km.

Earlier this year, the MINI COOPER, the first volume production car of Beamer, completed a declaration in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to locate a two-door pure electric small SUV. The MINI ACEMAN is the second production car under Beamlight Automobile, positioning a four-door pure electric small SUV. In terms of timeline, the COOPER should hit the market faster than the ACEMAN, and both models will be available in 2024.

Beam Motor is a joint venture between BMW Group and Great Wall Motor in December 2019, with a stake of 50:50, in which BMW (Holland) Holdings is the actual controller. In 2019, Light Motor started to build a factory in Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, with a total investment of 5.1 billion yuan and an annual standard production capacity of 160000 vehicles. It is worth noting that Beamlight Automobile adopts a joint venture rather than a joint venture, and product sales are still carried out in the internal channels of the two automobile brands.

According to the original plan, beam car is not only responsible for production, but also includes the joint research and development of pure electric vehicles by both sides in China. It is expected that the future MINI pure electric vehicles as well as new products under Great Wall Automobile will be put into production here, but the latest news shows that beam car only undertakes the production of two future electric models of MINI, that is, COOPER and ACEMAN models, while there is no progress in the new products jointly developed by the two brands.

In September 2023, MINI announced a comprehensive electrification strategy. Beam cars will become the world's first producing area and major export base for the next generation of MINI pure electric models. Then in October, the new MINI COOPER came off the line at the beam car factory, and the first SOP models (small batch production) were for export only. In December 2023, Beamlight Automobile was qualified for independent production.

Sales of MINI in China have declined in recent years, from 34100 in 2019 to 28700 in 2022 and then to 18200 in 2023, lagging far behind the market of traditional fuel luxury brands. Due to the low sales in China, the models produced by Beamlight may be mainly aimed at overseas markets or become the second largest production base of MINI in the world.

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