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Xiaomi test car is passed on to evade fees at high speed! Official response

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Today, the entry "Xiaomi test car was caught by Tianjin Expressway to evade fees" went on the hot search site of Weibo. As of the time of publication, the number of readings was as high as 74.576 million times and the number of discussions reached 2618.

It is understood that the entry originated on March 14, Tianjin Expressway Group official account "Expressway Voice" released an article entitled "Operations Department: particles returning to warehouses to crack down on fee evasion of licensed vehicles." In the content of the article, the official article said: recently, through monitoring and data screening, the fourth branch of the operation department of the Expressway Group found that a number of temporary license plates were driving overtime on the Beijing-Shanghai highway section, and the path traffic data was abnormal. Through accurate screening and video comparison, auditors confirmed that 14 unlicensed vehicles had "long-distance short report" fee evasion, a total of 54 times, involving an amount of 4408.96 yuan.

The official said in the article that by identifying the appearance of the vehicle, the auditor found that the vehicle involved was a brand new energy test vehicle and immediately contacted the person in charge of the relevant company. After the person in charge of the car company came to the branch, the auditor announced to him the rules that the vehicle should abide by on the highway, and the person in charge of the car company apologized for the toll evasion of the vehicles under his jurisdiction and paid the toll in full. Finally, the official said that the follow-up audit will be done to control the escape work to ensure that the communication fee particles return to the warehouse.

It is worth noting that there are two pictures in this article, one of which is a picture of the car model. Sharp-eyed netizens immediately recognized the car as a test vehicle for Xiaomi's first model, the Xiaomi SU7. In response to this news, Xiaomi also immediately issued a note to respond: there is no malicious fee evasion, illegal U-turn, leakage of highways and other acts.

At the same time, it is pointed out that the reason for the discrepancy is that the vehicle driven by the tester carries out a closed-loop test on a closed-loop highway, but the highway charge is calculated by default according to the shortest distance between entering and leaving the highway intersection. as a result, the toll paid by the tester according to the prompt of the high-speed system does not match the actual driving mileage. After learning that it was found and complained by the highway, it was confirmed by communication and consultation that all tolls have been paid.

In view of this matter has also triggered a hot discussion among the majority of netizens. One netizen commented: it is the same as the charging principle of the subway, no matter how to sit, it is only billed according to the point of entry and exit. Another netizen said: it is a misunderstanding, it should be that the test car has been tested back and forth on the highway for a long time, resulting in overtime when leaving the toll station, and the fee has been paid after the event. It is also common for unlisted new cars to be tested on highways, and some service areas can be turned around, so there is a cost discrepancy in the end.

In this regard, some industry insiders pointed out the reason for this misunderstanding, or because the vehicle is temporary, the gantry responsible for billing can not identify the path through the license plate, and can only find discrepancies in the follow-up monitoring. At the same time, it is pointed out that the subway is charged by the station, and calculated by the shortest distance, the highway is charged by mileage, as long as you leave, you have to pay, the two are different.

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