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87900! Pre-sale of the new Jetta VS5/VS7

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On March 22nd, the new Jetta VS5/VS7 of FAW-Volkswagen Jetta officially opened its pre-sale. Among them, the pre-price of the new Jetta VS5 is 8.79-121900 yuan, and the pre-price of the new Jetta VS7 is 10.79-141900 yuan.

As a modified model, the appearance of the two cars has been adjusted and the new styling logo has been adopted. According to the plan, Jetta VS5/VS7 is scheduled to go public at the Beijing Auto Show, which opens in April.

In terms of appearance, compared with the models currently on sale, the new Jetta VS5 front face changes are very obvious, using the popular large-size borderless grille design, and integrated with polygonal headlights on both sides, the overall more prominent sense of movement. In addition, the grille and the air inlet of the lower bumper are integrated by blackening, showing a more sporty style. On the side of the car body, the new car waistline adopts convex design and runs straight through the whole car body, with the concave shape of the door, which sets off the visual effect of the wide body. In the rear part, the new car cancels the through-type red reflective strip design, the rear bumper is decorated with details similar to those on both sides of the front bumper, and the silver lower guard of the rear bumper is also blackened. In addition, the new Jetta VS5 also removes the rear Jetta logo and uses the new "JETTA" letter logo.

In the interior part, the new Jetta VS5 uses a full liquid crystal dashboard with a three-spoke multi-function steering wheel, the central control center is equipped with an embedded multimedia touch screen, and some physical keys are retained below, with a mechanical shift mechanism, so that the whole car has a good sense of science and technology. In terms of power, the new Jetta VS5 continues to carry a 1.4T engine with a maximum power of 110kW and a peak torque of 250Nm, with a five-speed manual or six-stop self-contained transmission.

The appearance of the new Jetta VS7 also has obvious changes, with a new borderless grille design on the front face, black matte strips for make-up, polygonal light groups and a new style logo, resulting in a strong overall sense of fashion. In addition, the new car also redesigned the front bumper. On the side of the body, the new car continues to use the current model design style, but provides a new style of side skirt. In the rear part, the lines of the new car are more complex, creating a good sense of visual hierarchy. The rear is surrounded by a penetrating red reflector, combined with a hidden exhaust system to make the new car look more holistic. In addition, the tail mark of the new car has been changed to an English logo. As for the size of the new car is not clear, as a reference, the current sale of Jetta VS7 length, width and height are 4624/1841/1624mm, wheelbase is 2730mm, positioning medium-sized SUV.

In the interior part, the new Jetta VS7 is similar to the VS5, the layout of the center console is relatively regular, and Alcantara material is used in many parts of the car to improve the texture of the car. In terms of power, the new Jetta VS7 is equipped with an EA211 1.4T engine with a maximum power of 150hp (110kW) and a transmission system that matches a 5-gear manual or 6-stop self-contained gearbox.

Jetta was once a Chinese special car under the Volkswagen brand. The first domestic Jetta A2 was assembled in FAW-Volkswagen car factory in 1991. In June 2019, Jetta stopped production and sold a total of 4.4 million vehicles. In March 2019, Jetta jumped from a model to a brand. In February of the same year, Volkswagen Group announced the Jetta brand as its Quanxin brand at the headquarters of Wolfsburg, Germany. On March 22, FAW-Volkswagen officially announced the establishment of the Jetta brand. As an independent brand, Jetta does not use the Volkswagen logo, but uses a newly designed brand logo, similar to the initials "J" of "JETTA".

Up to now, Jetta brand models on sale include Jetta VS5, Jetta VS7 and Jetta VA3. Among them, VS5 is the first model of Jetta brand and the highest sales model of Jetta brand at present, while Jetta VS7 is the third mass production model of Jetta brand.

Retail data show that Jetta brand sales totaled 162000 vehicles in 2023, of which Jetta VS5 sold 75031, accounting for 46.32% of total sales; Jetta VS7 and Jetta VA3 sold 32987 and 53982 respectively.

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