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BYD yuan UP sells 9.68-119800 yuan on the market!

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On March 26th, BYD Dynasty's new small SUV-- yuan UP was officially launched, with a total of three new models with a price range of 9.68-119800 yuan. The new car is BYD's first small SUV with e-platform 3.0. in the future, it will belong to the "Yuan" family camp and will be sold on the dynasty sales network.

In terms of appearance, BYD Yuan UP not only maintains the dynasty's Longyan aesthetic design style, but also integrates more fashionable and younger elements. Specifically, the new car adopts a brand-new design style, the front face adopts the current popular closed grille design, the two sides are matched with long and narrow headlights, and connected by a black panel, and the center is inlaid with the "yuan" LOGO of small seal font, which not only shows its own identity, but also shows its own identity. In addition, the new car is surrounded by a unique shape and uses a large area of blackening treatment to make the vehicle look younger and fashionable as a whole.

On the side of the body, the new car looks relatively compact, using suspended roof and hidden door handle design. In terms of size, the new car is 4310/1830/1675mm in length, width and height, 2620mm in wheelbase, positioned as a small SUV, at the same level as meta Pro. In the rear part, the new car uses a brand-new Chinese knot style to run through the light belt, which complements the cool cute style of the whole car. With the word BYD LOGO under the tail mark, the rear surround and the side skirt edge adopt the design style that echoes the front encirclement. Black trim panels and the addition of chrome elements add more off-road flavor to the vehicle.

Interior part, the new car uses black and beige two-color matching, the overall vision is relatively simple. The car is equipped with a 12.8-inch central control screen and an 8.8-inch LCD instrument. in addition, the new car retains some physical keys near the multi-function steering wheel and stop rod, which makes it feel good about technology as a whole.

In terms of power, the new car uses pure electric drive, providing high and low power drive motors with a maximum power of 70 kilowatts and 130 kilowatts respectively, equipped with lithium iron phosphate batteries.

As the largest new energy car manufacturer in China, BYD has a total layout of Dynasty, Ocean, Tengli, look up and equation Leopard brands, with product prices ranging from millions of luxury to less than 100000 yuan. At present, dynasty net and ocean net are the main selling products of BYD, in which dynasty net occupies most of the market share, and a number of products dominate in the passenger car market segment.

According to the official website, meta-family models on sale include meta-PLUS and meta-Pro, of which meta-PLUS positioning compact SUV and meta-Pro positioning small SUV. In terms of sales volume, Yuan PLUS is almost responsible for sales, with cumulative sales of 310000 vehicles for the whole year, while Yuan Pro is only 11000 vehicles. With the launch of the meta-UP model, the car will further fill the vacancy of BYD in the A0-class SUV market and may bring new sales growth to the BYD family.

At present, BYD is speeding up the launch of more new products to seize market share. Since the Spring Festival of the year of the Dragon, BYD has successively launched models such as Qin PLUS Honor version, Destroyer 05 Glory Edition, Dolphin Glory version, Han Family Glory Edition, Tang DM-i Honor Edition, Song PLUS Honor Edition, Seal DM-i Honor Edition, Song Pro DM-i Honor version, Yuan PLUS Honor version, Seal Glory version and so on. Among them, the prices of Qin PLUS Honor Edition and Destroyer 05 Glory Edition both start at 79800 yuan, which is 20000 yuan and 22000 yuan lower than that of 2023 models. The arrival of more cheaper "glory version" models will further reduce the price space in the A0 market, while BYD will also have a hard-and-rigid joint venture fuel car.

It is worth mentioning that BYD in addition to launching a number of "honor version" cars to seize the traditional fuel car market, the follow-up will also launch luxury models. It is understood that BYD will launch a number of high-end luxury models in and after 2024.

According to the plan, BYD has set a target of 45-5 million vehicles in 2024, 150-2 million more than the target of 3 million in 2023. However, the car market in 2024 is different from that in 2023, and the competition in the new energy market will become fiercer this year. Whether BYD's launch of more new cars can attract more consumers or become an important part of BYD's ability to meet its annual sales target.

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