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Ideal car end-of-week sales!

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On March 26th, ideal stopped releasing weekly sales figures on Tuesdays. It is understood that since April last year, ideal car broke the usual practice of releasing monthly sales in the automobile industry and took the lead in releasing weekly sales data. At that time, ideal car was on the market with three L-series models, and the sales volume was steady. This move also caused a heated debate in public opinion, which was forced to stop for a time, but in the end, the ideal car persisted in its release and led other auto companies and industry media to follow, and the auto industry entered the level of weekly sales.

The market believes that the change in this behavior may be affected by sales volume. Ideal car sales have declined for three consecutive weeks and have been suppressed by questions, which may be the reason, but the Tramway report believes that the biggest reason is the decision of the ideal car. After the failure of the ideal MEGA, the ideal car CEO Li wants to post in his internal letter, "there is an internal problem of paying too much attention to sales, which will reduce the expectation and desire of sales." Return to healthy growth ", and the market believes that the most direct impact may be that the ideal car will no longer announce weekly sales.

According to the sales list of new energy brands in China, BYD and Tesla both have more than 10,000 vehicles. BYD continues to rank first with 57672, followed by Tesla and Wuling with 13577 and 8122 respectively. Hongmeng Zhihang (Q) is 7757, down one place from the previous week. In addition, brands with sales of more than 5000 vehicles include Ian and ideal cars, which are 7365 and 6892 respectively, also falling one place in the ranking of ideal cars.

Judging from the sales list of new power brands in the Chinese market, the sales of the former is still higher than that of the ideal car, with the former at 7524 and the latter at 6892, with a sales gap of 632 between the two companies. Since 2024, the ideal car has been questioned and surpassed, which brings great pressure on the sales of the ideal car. The data show that the three L7+L8+L9 cars are still suppressed by the M7, with weekly sales of 2537 L7, 1967 L9 and 1354 L8, compared with 5807 for the M7, barely higher than the M7, and 1488 for the M9.

In order to change the market trend, the ideal car brought the 2024 L-Series on March 1, upgrading the configuration while keeping the price unchanged, which is actually a way to reduce the price in disguise, but compared with the direct price reduction, this kind of "additional configuration without price increase" is actually not easy for the market to accept. The name of the L7 and L8 models was changed from Air, Pro and Max to Pro, Max and Ultra. At the same time, the new Air version (eliminating empty suspension) was sold at 301800 yuan and 321800 yuan respectively, which was 18000 yuan lower than the 2023 model. In addition, the L9 Max is also synchronously adjusted to the L9 Ultra, and the price remains unchanged. Li Xiang said that with the release of the new car, it will return to the delivery level of 50, 000 vehicles in March.

The MEGA, which is also the next popular style in Li Xiang's words, was officially delivered on March 11, with a total delivery of 1031 vehicles a week, ranking fifth in the MPV market and second in the new energy MPV market, compared with 1058 last week. As a pure electric MPV,MEGA with a price of up to 550000, the weekly sales performance is actually not bad. First of all, the high price means that the audience is limited. Coupled with the fact that the pure electric MPV is not easy to sell, the possibility of MEGA selling is basically slim. Of course, if MEGA is really popular, it will really subvert the market. after all, even the Tengli D9Magi EV version, which sells for 300000 yuan, contributes only 5% to sales.

Not long ago, ideal announced a reduction in its annual sales target. According to the minutes of internal communication, due to the lower-than-expected sales orders, the delivery volume in the first quarter of 2024 is expected to be 7.6-78000 vehicles, and the annual sales target will change after the downgrade of the guidelines. The sales growth rate in 2024 is 50% Rose 70%, corresponding to the sales guidance of 56-640000 vehicles, which is 16-240000 vehicles lower than the previous 65-800000 vehicles.

In addition, in view of the various problems that arise after the listing of MEGA, it is clear that even if the performance of MEGA falls short of expectations, there will be no adjustment in pricing, which will boost the performance of MEGA market in three aspects: 1, strengthening the infrastructure of charging piles; 2, further grasping the core user group of MEGA; and 3, solving problems in a down-to-earth manner. For infrastructure construction, the latest guidelines are that there will be more than 10,000 urban charging piles and more than 3,000 high-speed charging piles in 2024. It is understood that the sales forecast of ideal car for MEGA has dropped to 2000 vehicles per month, and after the above changes, the monthly delivery volume of Q4 is expected to increase to 4000 to 5000 vehicles. The monthly sales volume of ideal car for MEAG is expected to be 8000 vehicles, challenging the first overall category sales of more than 500000 vehicles.

At present, ideal cars mainly rely on L-series volume, although the L-series product market has been suppressed, but the market share has not changed much, ideal cars will not consider price reduction for the time being. Ideal Motors said that the price reduction of luxury brands would have a negative impact on brand power, especially that the price reduction of new models is tantamount to drinking poison to quench thirst. The ideal L6 is likely to be launched after the 2024 Beijing auto show and is expected to sell more than 20, 000 vehicles a month.

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